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There's plenty more content out there to help you following a training course with Solid Solutions, take a look at some of the post course resources below.
Download SOLIDWORKS Training Files

SOLIDWORKS Training Files

Following your SOLIDWORKS training course download the electronic SOLIDWORKS Training files used in class over the course to allow you to follow the manual in your own time and try exercises at home or in the office.

Download Training Files
Download eBook Training Manuals

eBook Training Manuals

SOLIDWORKS have made the 2014 training material available in an eBook version for you to read on the go. You will need a serial or scan code from the inside cover of the physical training book to obtain your copy.

Download eBook Manuals
Download My Training Certificate

My Training Certificate

Having completed your course, a training certificate is available to download from your online account to act as proof of attendance, the skills you have gained and an acknowledgement of acheivement.

Download My Training Certificate