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3D Printing Specialists

SLA Printing Agenda

Length: 1 Day

The 3D printing with SLA course teaches users how to operate their Formlabs SLA printers. This course will help you to understand what stereolithography (SLA) is, what components are inside your Formlabs machine and how you can optimise your setup to successfully print highly detailed parts, every time.

  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials

Lesson 1:Understanding SLA

Understanding what Formlabs SLA is will help the user to gain an appreciation for the machine, and what level of detail it can produce.

Lesson 2: The Printing Process

3D printing with the Formlabs Form 2 requires a step by step process in order to achieve the best results. This lesson will break down each step so that the user can fully understand what they have to do. This will also be the users first look into the slicer used by the Form2- Preform.

Lesson 5: How the Form 2 Works

Within Lesson 1 the user will have gained a brief understanding of how stereolithography works, however now they will begin to learn more about each step that occurs within the printer and the process of turning liquid resin into 3D solid models.

Lesson 6: Solidification Process

Resin undergoes a chemical reaction on a molecular level to turn into solid parts that rival the quality of injection molding machines, but how exactly does this occur, and what makes it different to a Fused Deposition modelling (FDM) machine?

Lesson 9: Maximising Lifetime and Print Success 

By following simple rules, the user will be able to maintain their printer, and understand what could be minimising the printer’s performance.

Lesson 10: Error Notifications

Following on from lesson 9, the user will be shown some error messages that may potentially occur. Knowledge from earlier lessons will allow the user to understand what the components are, how they interconnect within the printer, and how they can ensure their printer is running successfully. 

Lesson 3: The Form 2

This lesson will explore inside the printer and what components it is built up of. The user will become familiar with the printer learning how to safely lock the wiper, insert the resin tank, and much more. 

Lesson 4: Resins and their Properties

Selecting a suitable resin for the purpose of the part will allow for the user to understand how they can create models that are fit for the job they’re trying to achieve. Formlabs have a great range of resins available, however the user will also need to learn how to handle them carefully. 

Lesson 7: Washing and Curing

When the user starts to create parts on their Form 2 they will need to understand that there are extra steps after it comes out of the printer to be aware of.  Furthermore, it is crucial that these steps are correctly performed in order to make the most out of the user’s printer.  

Lesson 8: Printing in Preform

Throughout the lessons so far the user will have been taught small amount about Preform; the slicer that turns CAD data into readable data for the Form 2 printer. Within lesson 8 the user will delve deep into how they can ensure their CAD models will print successfully with a range of guidance, examples and exercises.

Pre post and Print Checks

At the end of the course the user will be shown a quick guide on pre and post print checks, allowing them to feel more comfortable when they start using their Form 2.