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SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training Course



The SOLIDWORKS Essentials course is recommended to anyone new to SOLIDWORKS. Whether you have migrated from 2D CAD, another 3D system, or have no experience with CAD at all this course is suitable for you.

Starting from the very basics of the program, the course develops looking at modelling essentials required for day to day use of the software, right through to some advanced topics for automating designs. Part and Assembly modelling and also the 2D drawing environment are introduced during this course.
SOLIDWORKS Training Agenda


  • Experience navigating around the Windows Operating System
  • Getting Started Tutorials- (Help > SOLIDWORKS Tutorials)
SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training

SOLIDWORKS Essentials - Training Course Reviews

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Essentials Training
Trainers are extremely proficient and knowledgeable as you would expect.
For people who are relatively slow at picking things up the time constraints are an issue, particularly if the software is not accessible other than at the course.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Good trainer, clear instructions and very helpful
Product : Good course, a lot to cram into four days.
Essentials Training
The course trainer was very knowledgeable on SOLIDWORKS and made every effort to answer questions. However I recommend that in future less emphasis is placed on covering every chapter in the book and more emphasis placed on ensuring that every student is comfortable with the basic features/commands. I realise that a class will contain varying levels of ability and tailoring the course to each individual is not practical, but there is nothing worse than feeling left behind and overwhelmed buy the course content.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Trainer was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.
Product : Facilities were excellent
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Extremely knowledgeable about the software and the course, very helpful in answering general questions and suggesting further courses. Eternally patient whenever I broke the software.
Product : The course was a good introduction to using the software; simple enough that even I could get my head around it but still had enough stuff to show off some new tricks.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : A fantastic four days at Solid Solutions HQ. Tom was a great trainer who managed to keep the course going at a good pace whilst making sure everyone was still following along and happy with the content, which I imagine can be difficult in a mixed ability group like ours.
Product : Although having used SOLIDWORKS for around 3 months now but with no formal training the essentials course has really opened my eyes to a lot more of the functionality in the software. I'm already looking forward to the next couple of courses I have booked!
Essentials Training
Service Rating : I found the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course very well structured, any queries or concerns that i had throughout the 4-Day course, were well answered, and often re-phrased for ease of understanding.
Product : As mentioned previously, when raising questions during the course, our trainer was able to easily answer them, showing great knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and what it has to offer.
He also showed different approaches to the software and features, to be similar to that of the software we are used to (Creo).
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Yassim was a Brilliant trainer, he was very knowledgeable and patient. Give that man a raise!
Product : Brilliant course and trainer. Essentials is a great way to start with SOLIDWORKS, but i would advise spending sometime before the course to familiarize yourself with it first as this will make the course much more enjoyable.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Rory has extensive knowledge of the software and was able to answer all of the questions put to him. The course was comprehensive and covered many aspects of SOLIDWORKS.
The pace of the course is good and is not too quick that you cannot take everything in.
Product : Very good course covering lots of SOLIDWORKS topics.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Excellent, All topics were clearly ran through and thoroughly described. I was an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Product : Great, the set up supplied was everything that was needed
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Rory was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. , the venue was good as well.
Product : They were very good, good support, sales process was professional.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Rory was very patient and knowledgeable of SOLIDWORKS tricks and errors.
Product : Essentials course was really good, very detailed. If someone worked with SOLIDWORKS before the pace might be a bit slow but they will still learn a lot of new, useful stuff.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Excellent course with a well thought (and planned) training days. Every single aspect in the book was covered, including on the final day when other courses start skipping out things. The lecturer was helpful, knowledgeable with a good depth of experience to cover other aspects of SOLIDWORKS.

I did sometimes find the pace of the course a bit fast at times, but this could be due to my inexperience of SOLIDWORKS or Mechanical engineering.
Product : The course was excellent and well paced. Every aspect of the book was covered.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : knowledgeable instructor, good atmosphere
Product : I thought it was very good
Essentials Training
The Trainer showed excellent knowledge of the software and had a good rapport with all the trainees.

While i found the level of training and the trainer were excellent, I felt to call this an Essentials Training course was a little miss leading. I had no knowledge of Solid works but found that the content was aimed at persons new to 3D modeling.

It was more of a Basic Modeling course with a small amount of Drawing and Assembly at the end.

I appreciate that you have specific course for Drawings, Assemblies and Advanced modeling, but i felt that it was not a very well rounded course for the title of essentials.
Essentials Training
Before I came to the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Essentials training course, I thought it could be a quite easy ride for me, since I have been using SW 2013 and its earlier versions for many years. During the course I found that the new SW had changed a lot during the four years, so it was really interesting to learn some new ways of doing the same thing but faster and many short cuts.
The whole 4-day course had been busy for me. The trainer Tom is very good, tried hard to show more useful ideas and helped us with patience. I look forward to further, more advance SW trainings in the near future.
Essentials Training
Very good knowledge of the product, helped with individual specific problems
Essentials Training
I was extremely impressed with Tom Watkins as a teacher. His ability to clarify things and to answer difficult questions is formidable. The only factor preventing me from giving 5 stars is how I found the pace of the course, which is governed by the ratio of the time and the amount of material to cover. This has been my experience on all the courses I have attended.
Essentials Training
Rory Niles was "Brilliant". His patience and assistance during the course with a relative novice were exceptional.
Well done Rory and thanks for all your help!
I'm now looking forward to getting some practice at work.
Essentials Training
Good course covering everything as expected. Will book further courses to cover the individual subjects in more detail.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Clear, confidently taught, and helpful.
Product : Good course. Covered lots and feel confident with the knowledge gained.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very energetic and kept my interest throughout. Had in depth knowledge on all questions asked, relevant and not so relevant. Thanks for a great few days.
Product : Very energetic and kept my interest throughout. Had in depth knowledge on all questions asked, relevant and not so relevant. Thanks for a great few days.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable and well prepared.

Familiar with common mistakes which one makes during the exercise to instantly point out those mistakes and rectify them accordingly.

Friendly, pleasent and never come across as being patronising.
Product : Facility is execellent.

Traninng stations all made ready and fit for purpose.

Spacious room with good lighting, comfortable seats well placed with large screen for delivering course material

Good supply of water and beverages throughout the day.

Great canteen with enough varieties of food to suit different tastes.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Engaging, knowledgeable and blessed with the requisite sense of humour.
Product : SOLIDWORKS Essentials. A good introduction to CAD and the software application - informing us of the wide range of technical capabilities available from SOLIDWORKS.
Essentials Training
Patient and very knowledgeable
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very informative. Patient. Helped me to learn specific shortcuts related to my job.
Product : Good course, used it more to re-affirm my knowledge for particular parts.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very helpful and knowledgeable with lots of patience
Product : Fast paced and very full, some prior experience a must but having a live trainer adds hugely more value than online or book alone.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Chris Green was a great instructor and very patient specially with a slow learner!!
Product : wondered if the training course could maybe be split up as was a lot to take in over 4 days when starting from scratch
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Good knowledge of the product
Product : I feel a beginners course could be added for non users.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Chris was great. Really at home with the material and the software. Clear explanations, lots of helpful hints and tips, and overall did a really good job.
Product : The Essentials course is to get a complete beginner up to a basic standard of competence with the software. That is exactly what happened - I was a complete beginner, and now I am competent! I am under no illusions that I know everything - SOLIDWORKS is far too complex and powerful to learn everything in four days. However, I can now build parts, create assemblies, do some basic simulation work, generate drawings for sending to manufacture, and I have a great base on which to build. For anybody wanting to learn the software and get a good grounding in all aspects of it, this course is excellent!
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Knowledgable, clear and supportive
Product : Useful, comprehensive, with a good balance between lesson and exercises
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very thorough and knowledgeable!
Product : I came away with a lot of knowledge considering this was my first time on Solid Works. The course was presented in a organised and interesting way.
Essentials Training
Very good course with lots of content. Tom is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is taught at a good pace ensuring everyone fully understands and helps if not. Great introduction to SOLIDWORKS.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very good. Went through the course at the right pace for everyone to ensure all was covered thoroughly and stopped to give help to anyone at any moment. The food was also great.
Product : The training course was excellent. Both the facilities and the training were of high standard. Taught in a relaxed and thorough manner.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Well planned and well presented.
Product : Very informative, I have used SOLIDWORKS for few years but still learnt a lot.
Essentials Training
Willing to help, clear and understands that there is never a daft question!
Essentials Training
Really enjoyed the course. Premises was good and trainer very capable.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Good knowledge of the software and managed the pace well for the different students on the course. Sometimes was a bit unclear about why we were doing steps in case studies but this might be more to do with the course material.
Product : Lots of good content. Having had a fair amount of experience of other CAD packages the pace was fairly slow but that allowed for a lot of interesting details to be included in each lesson. Definitely worth attending even if you feel you could teach yourself.
Essentials Training
Very good course.
Essentials Training
Good course well taught
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Good well paced course, Chris was knowledgeable and quick to help when needed.
Product : Good location and nice lunch.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Delayed start waiting for late comers, 90% waiting for 10% that never showed up. Although I discarded my own used plate etc.. I was surprised the group were pulled up about leaving our table untidy at lunch - this is certainly not something that needed to be passed on to delegates, trainers should ensure area left tidy.
Software was not up to date with the trainers (Ben). this caused some problems following his lead. Seemed inconvenience if asked to go back a step. Ignorant staff (receptionist and passing other staff in area).
Product : Not worth the money. Also at this price you should supply a good quality certificate.
Feedback Response: Hi, and thanks for leaving your feedback. On the morning of the course your referring to we had a couple of cancellations where we were not notified in advance. We usually try to give attendees 15 minutes tolerance on the start time on the first day as we appreciate some people make significant journeys in order to join the course. Particularly on Essentials where customers are likely to be visiting our offices for the first time. On this occasion the instructor began as soon as I had managed to contact the late delegates to confirm that they were not just outside and about to come in. I'm sorry if you felt this delayed the start time beyond an acceptable point but we endeavour to deal with 'no-shows' as quickly as possible. Regarding the lunchtime arrangements I wholeheartedly agree that we should never pass logistical information regarding anything to do with the facilities to our delegates, we strive to provide a seamless training experience and I apologise for this. Also, it is our policy that trainers use the same version of the software as is being trained and that the software is set to a state where by it is identical to a factory fresh installation and again, I offer my sincere apologies for this. I will discuss this with the instructor who lead the event and I will contact you today to follow this up with you directly. Thanks Peter Harkness - Training Manager
Essentials Training
Ben was a good trainer, was very knowledgeable and very helpful
Essentials Training
Very professionally delivered
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable and patient.
Product : There was a lot of content but the pace was just about right. We followed what the trainer was doing on a projector screen on our own PC's and then completed exercises individually at the end of each task. The trainer was on hand during the exercises to help out if we got stuck.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : I found Chris easy going and very knowledgeable about SOLIDWORKS. Chris was also very helpful in assisting as and when required.
Product : I found the course very helpful and for the most part it was covered at a pace where you could keep up which for me I prefer as I believe you can retain what you have learned more easily.
Essentials Training
patient and helpful
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Both helpful and knowledgeable
Product : If i have any comment to make it would be that there is too much information to process and capture in the four days. Left think that I wouldn't remember it all.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very professional trainer and quite experienced despite the young age.
Product : It has been very useful and uncovered the most of the tricky aspects of the software.