Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1 - CNC Tool creation - This lessons guides you through the creation of a virtual tool library representing the tools at your machine and look at the specific settings that can be configured for each tool in your library. Once individual tools have been generated time is spent covering the creation of drilling aggregates and multi spindle drill configurations.

Lesson 2- Machining a component - Lesson 2 guides users through the process of applying tool paths to a component. Starting with defining the origin and moving to the selection of a cutting tool before applying a tool path to features on the part. This lesson explores the wide range of machining operations available to the user and how fine tune the parameters within each one.

Lesson 3- Program Changes - During this lesson, users will learn how to make modifications to the parameters of existing milling operations.

Lesson 4- SOLIDWORKS- SWOOD Design associativity - A significant benefit of using SWOOD CAM is the parametric link between the SOLIDWORKS model and SWOOD toolpaths. To make the most of this feature we take time during lesson 4 to understand how making dimension changes, deleting features and adding additional SWOOD design features can be updated on existing tool paths.

Lesson 5- SWOOD CAM Options - Upon successful completion of the previous lessons in the course, lesson 5 looks to advance the users new skills by exploring the options used to create advanced machining operations. We also add common machining parameters to a library of bespoke machining operations and configuring machining in relation to different versions of a design.

Course Details
Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites: It is recommended that participants should have attended the SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course or the CAD Essentials for CAM users. Experience in wood routing and or CNC programming is not essential but can be beneficial.


During the 2 day course you will learn how to apply a range of different machining operations directly onto your part in preparation for manufacture. Lessons also focus on the construction of your tool and aggregate library as well as a machining library for quick access to your most commonly used machining operations. Once we have covered the wide range of programming operations we take a look at the SWOOD CAM nesting capabilities (additional module) before exploring the power of SWOOD CAM simulation and reporting.

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