SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

SWOOD Design Training Agenda

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Prerequisites: xxxxxxxxxxx

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Lesson 1- Installation, setup and customisation

This lesson will give a thorough understanding on the initial SWOOD setup, ensuring standard libraries and specific document templates are loaded and accessible for all of the design team to use. Following on from the setup, learn how to customise the user interface to meet your own specific requirements.

Lesson 2-Panel Design

Take a look into the design and construction details of an individual SWOOD panel. Specify core and laminate materials, including stock offsets, grain direction and edge banding properties, as well as applying standard and bespoke mouldings. Learn how to add parameters that will drive the size and shape of the overall panel and its hole, pocket, slot and edging details.

Lesson 3- Frame Design

Bringing together the panel design fundamentals from the previous lesson, we now assemble a series of panels and add parameters to create a fully configurable frame in our library. The lesson is completed by learning how to drag and drop intelligent fasteners from the connector library onto the new frame.

Lesson 4-Connectors

Lesson 4 focusses on the functionality and configuration of the connector library. The library contains a range of fixings from cams and dowels to biscuit and mortice and tenon joints. During the lesson we will customise some connectors by adding rules so they work intelligently as your design evolves.

Lesson 5-SwoodBox

A SWOODbox is an intelligent and adaptable means of applying draws, doors, shelves, hanger rails…etc to your frame design by drag and dropping items from your library onto a model. The lesson covers how to construct a SWOODbox feature for your library by adding rules which control sizes, quantities and the necessary hole details required onto adjacent panels, such as hinge rebates and shelf hole pitches.

Lesson 6-Library Management

Time is spent throughout the course exploring and using items from the various SWOOD libraries. Lesson 6 focuses primarily on the SWOOD material library and the properties within it. You will experiment by creating new materials as well as editing existing ones.

Lesson 7-Layout Project

Creating a SWOOD Layout brings together the work undertaken in the previous lessons. It is here were we can use a SOLIDWORKS assembly to plan the layout of a room and populate it with frames and SWOOD box items from your library.

Lesson AA-SOLIDWORKS for furniture

This additional lesson acts as a refresher for new and existing SOLIDWORKS users alike. The idea is to bring to your attention some of the SOLIDWORKS tools that can be used in conjunction with SWOOD which can help to improve productivity and lever additional manufacturing information into your models.