Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS


Learn how to work with scan data in SOLIDWORKS
Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS (G4SW) Training
Our Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS (G4SW) training is a one-day course covering the basic workflows and commands of the G4SW add-in.
During this course you'll learn how to use G4SW to use scan data as the basis for CAD modelling in SOLIDWORKS.
The training will cover the following topics:
  • Scanning
  • Registering scan data
  • Aligning scan data
  • Editing Mesh models
  • Geomagic modelling tools
  • Autosurfacing

Course Prerequisites

  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system
  • Basic experience with SOLIDWORKS
NOTE: This course is available as part of the Gold & Platinum Training Passport

SOLIDWORKS Training Course Reviews

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Surface Modelling Training
The instructors were lovely and made learning and asking questions easy
Essentials Training
Happy to answer any questions we had. If he was not aware, he was willing to go away and find out the answers. He was understanding of my situation and happy to jump on my screen and help whenever I fell behind.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Brilliant teacher.
DraftSight Essentials Training
Very understanding and informative
Drawings Training
Trainer was very professional and skilled at teaching with lot s of knowledge. Able to adapt to issues and seamlessly weave them into the course
Assembly Modelling Training
Niamh was very clear and precise in what she said and had given us the perfect amount of time and information required to complete the exercises set for us on each day.

She was efficient and always wanted to push is to learn what she had to teach.

She is very nice and welcoming and is easily approachable, when asking questions.
Assembly Modelling Training
Great course which ran very smooth. Shane is an excellent teacher and would highly recommend
Assembly Modelling Training
Very clear with their instructions, good step by step run through, happy to take time to help those who are struggling. I enjoyed the training a lot. Thank you :)
Surface Modelling Training
Gareth was a great trainer and was able to take the time to go over some of the specific elements that I had been struggling with.
Assembly Modelling Training
Trainer was very helpful throughout the course
Assembly Modelling Training
The instruction was clear, informative, well organized and responsive.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Caitlin was extremely clear with a well-balanced pace. She was able to meet the wide needs of the group and adeptly field questions while staying on track with the lessons and case studies. She was able to weave in a wide range of tips and best-practice around the core material, delivering even greater value from the course.
Essentials Training
Freddie was great and ran the course very well, his technical knowledge of the essentials was very good - always answering the occasional questions well. He should be more confident in himself and his ability which I'm confident will come in time, solid solutions are lucky to have a young yet mature course instructor with so much potential.
I think Freddie's soft skills could be developed, helping to build more of a relationship between the students and himself. There was an introduction to himself but not to us to allow him to understand what our background, interests and desires from the course were. This will I'm sure come with improved confidence but its probably the only thing to mention as I previously said he is very capable of running the course well from a technical perspective.
Assembly Modelling Training
Enjoyed the course
Simulation Training
Very clear communication and was able to teach what would otherwise be an abstract in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner.

Happy to help if there were questions and made sure that everyone was involved and not left behind in the course.
Essentials Training
Aryan delivered a very enjoyable and informative course, he was able to demonstrate an in depth knowledge of the software whenever questions/queries were raised. The pace and content of the course were ideal. Would recommend.
Simulation Training
Kind and helpful
Essentials Training
Good course run by our tutor Ewan, he was very helpful and knowledgeable, and was able to answer everybody's questions.
SolidCAM iMachining
Paul was very knowledgeable, not only in the iMachining software, but also in machining techniques which really helped. The course flowed at a good pace and, if he felt he was going too fast, was happy to slow down so we could catch-up.
It was great that he also showed us some tips/shortcuts within the software.
Electrical Schematics Training
Dipesh was thorough and explained the course detail well, the course documentation/workflow however was not the best, the course workflow does not seem logical and seems to jump from one area to another and then back which makes the course difficult to follow at times.

The course would benefit from a refresh to work in a logical manner starting from the basics and working through to the more advanced course requirements.
Essentials Training
Delivery of material was clear and concise and at a pace that suited all participants.
Good knowledge of software material demonstrated.
PDM Professional Training
Caitlin was eager to help and clearly tailored the training to our level of experience.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Caitlin presented the course excellently and was able to help constantly throughout the course when required buy the group.
Assembly Modelling Training
John gave attention to detail on the assembly modelling course, moved the course at an appropriate pace to allow time to take in the lesson whilst not dwelling on the areas that the class found relatively easy to understand.
Essentials Training
Very friendly! All of the course details were explained clearly and in a very personable manner allowing for thorough and friendly discourse throughout.
Pipe and Tube Routing Training
Towards the end of the course everything were sped up making it hard to follow.
Essentials Training
he offered fantastic support and did not get annoyed or frustrated with any amount of questions we threw at him.
Weldments Training
Very helpful course trainer, the material was difficult to navigate through but William was a great help.
Visualize Standard Training
Excellent course, well instructed.
Essentials Training
Lewys Elvins was a great trainer with the patience of a saint, Highly recommended
Essentials Training
Excellent teacher, very helpful and made sure that every student had a complete understand on the work required. Overall perfect level of teaching 10/10 would definitely recommend.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
I was lucky enough to be the only person on this course, the training was spot on and the trainer great πŸ‘πŸΌ
Essentials Training
Tom was knowledgeable and passionate about the software which injected a bit of energy into the course making it an enjoyable experience.
Pipe and Tube Routing Training
the course was very informative, Gordon had a great deal of knowledge and passed that on, he had a great deal of patience with the group when things went wrong for the individual.
SWOOD Design Training
Our Instructor was knowledgeable about swood Design Which helps, he also took his time with us and Taylor made some parts of the course for us which also helped.

he was always available to Answer Questions and go back over parts of the course that we struggled with. but that being said he explained things very well.
Assembly Modelling Training
Caitlin was a great instructor and willing to go the extra mile by showing some other useful tips for SOLIDWORKS.
Animations Training
Excellent communication, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
The Trainer Robert and the Training Material was great prepared.
Robert did a great Job to give us a good understanding of the software and help us where ever we struggled to follow.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Pheobe was very supportive and informative throughout the training and showed a personal passion for the subject matter. She was happy to provide further information to support the course and wider queries.
Essentials Training
Pace and tuition excellent throughout - technology worked well virtual experience much better than I expected.
Electrical Schematics Training
The course trainer was enthusiastic about supporting me in my areas of difficulty with SOLIDWORKS. The trainer covered the key areas of the software and I grasped the concepts however, it was tiring just going through the booklet. I believe the trainer did well with the content and time given.
Surface Modelling Training
surface modeling was a very interesting course, nice few handy tips and tricks and a different way of modeling. enjoyed it and would recommend
Essentials Training
Keely was very knowledgeable with the software and was able to answer all questions thoroughly. She ran through all of the training documentation effectively and gave us chance to run through all of the exercises to reinforce what we'd just learnt. Everything about the course was great and I'd definitely recommend to anyone who hasn't completed formal SOLIDWORKS training before!
Essentials Training
Very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to approach. He had no problem answering queries or recapping parts of our training. Quite a relaxing learning environment covering a complicated course. Which created a positive leaning outcome. I now feel confident in using the software.
Composer Training
Friendly & Helpful
Simulation Training
helpful and knowelageable
Composer Training
The course and training material provided were both excellent. There is a lot to cover in two days, but with a small group (mine was a total of 4 people + trainer), progress was swift. Training manual provided is logically laid out and well written. The files used during the training were provided once the course was completed, making it easy to go back through any of the examples and refresh ones memory.
Pipe and Tube Routing Training
Good knowledge of course material. Training delivered at a good pace and always time available to answer questions.
Drawings Training
Sam was brilliant, kept the lessons moving but also provided context and support throughout which helped the training.

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