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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

10 data management Posts

Reduce Your Time to Market with these 5 Reasons to
As you look to reduce your time to market, SOLIDWORKS PDM frees up your resources by keeping processes ticking over in the background. Let’s break it down.
What's New in SOLIDWORKS Data Management for 2024?
Discover the new features of SOLIDWORKS data management and how upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024 will make your life easier while keeping your data secure.
4 Ways to Add Custom Properties in SOLIDWORKS
Learn how to add custom properties in SOLIDWORKS.
10 Reasons to Use SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro
Discover why SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro is the right data management package for you with 10 of the best features in SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro.
Data Management: How to Customise Notification Tem
SOLIDWORKS PDM now provides administrators the option to customise the templates used for automatic notifications.
Data Management: 10 Tips to Mastering SOLIDWORKS
We’ve asked our expert data management consultants what tips they’d recommend to those users who want to unlock the secrets of SOLIDWORKS PDM.
Everything you Need to Know About SOLIDWORKS Cloud
Find out how the latest changes to SOLIDWORKS Subscriptions will affect you and your business. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes.
Is this the Best Data Management Software?
As a Designer or Engineer, it is vital that you have a secure data management system to store and manage your documents and CAD files.
Why Cloud Data Management?
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform contains applications and solutions for every aspect of your company, so you can manage everything from one place. Here are 6 reasons to use it.
What is 3DSWYM? 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Tutorial
3DSwym is the application at the heart of the 3DEXPERIENCE, allowing users to connect and collaborate across the platform.
How to Create a Pack & Go in SOLIDWORKS
Pack & Go should be used when sending SOLIDWORKS files to another person. Use this simple guide to help you safely send entire SOLIDWORKS projects.
Discovering SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2.0
Do you have team members who would benefit from access to the data in your PDM Vault but are excluded from the desktop client because they use macOS or even Linux (Ubuntu) based hardware? If that is the case then the SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2.0 client may ...
What are Labels in SOLIDWORKS PDM and how can I us
In this blog I want to introduce you to a little used feature of PDM. Labels are a simple way to annotate a specific version of a model to describe a key point in its lifecycle outside of the standard ‘Revision’ label.In this example, I have a proble...
CASE STUDY: Sinclair International Limited
TIME FOR CHANGESince implementing SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM in 2018, Sinclair International Ltd has continued to use Solid Solutions as its chosen support partner. Since then, Sinclair International Ltd recognised that their existing Engineering Chang....
Bouygues Construction: From BIM to Virtual Twin
RESHAPING TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION In Pantin, a suburb at the gateway of Paris, the local Art Deco Leclerc swimming pool has been transformed into a modern, dual-purpose facility for art and sports. The extensive renovation involved restoring th....
Design, Develop, and Deliver Innovation with effic
Unlock the power to innovate with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which powers industry-leading applications for Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Production, Simulation, and Governance & Lifecycle.
TOP 10 Benefits of Product Lifecycle Management
Contrary to popular belief, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Platform goes beyond the design and engineering departments and encompasses the organisation as a whole. Because of this, benefits can be unlocked across the entire organisation.
Industry Insight Interview with Adam Bannaghan: Wh
Understanding Product Lifecycle Management can be confusing, particularly if you’re also considering Product Data Management. What are they? What are the differences? And, how do you know which is the best solution for your business?
An Introduction to Engineering Change Management
All companies have an Engineering Change process, whether an informal “word of mouth” process or an established documented process. However, surprisingly few organisations have an effective change management process with many not realising the full b...
WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A DISASTER RECOVERYRestoring a Vault from Backup will revert the content of the Vault to the state it was in at the time that Backup was created. Based on the fact that the recovered Vault will only be as good as the last backup, ....
PDM Standard Explained - Video Series Now Availabl
If you're looking to learn more about PDM Standard then you'll want to check out this video series from PDM expert Richard Farries. Each short video will explain a key topic and share some best practice advice to help you efficiently manage your CAD ...
What's the difference between SOLIDWORKS PDM Stand
SOLIDWORKS offer two core PDM packages: PDM Standard and PDM Professional. The recent release of SOLIDWORKS Manage builds upon the functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, but what's the real difference?
PLM vs PDM: What’s the Difference?
How your internal and external teams collaborate during product development will define whether your projects succeed or fail. Technology solutions such as PDM and PLM are there to help ensure each project succeeds by helping you align your product d...
Design on the go, work with team members around the world, engineer across systems and domains, and effortlessly keep all your data up to date when you switch to 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA
Capital Compactors Case Study
Capital Compactors and Balers are the leading suppliers of waste and recycling solutions in the UK, supporting different sectors throughout the waste industry such as retail, medical and nuclear. Capital Compactors have partnered with Solid Solutions...
Is SOLIDWORKS Manage really PDM Premium in disguis
It certainly provides that next tier of capabilities and some! SOLIDWORKS Manage builds on PDM Professional to bring BoM Management, Process Management and Project Management capabilities alongside configurable dashboarding and reporting tools to enh...

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