Southern Training Centre Update

Tuesday May 12, 2015 at 9:05am
It was about time that we got some shiny new things for all our customers to improve the facilities in our Fareham training centre. See how we have improved our office using SOLIDWORKS and Keyshot to visualise alternative room layouts.
Southern Training Centre Update

It was about time that we got some shiny new things for all our customers to improve the facilities in our Fareham Training Centre.

Following some customer training course feedback it became apparent that the room layout wasn’t ideal and I was sure we could use the space better. It turned out is was all down to the location of the projector.

My first step was to turn to SOLIDWORKS and mock up some alternative room layouts. I then rendered them quickly in Keyshot.

This allowed me to present a professional case for the investment where we could visualise the benefits.

The key thing was the projector, mounting it on the ceiling wasn't an option due to location of the air con and potential vibrations from it, so we turned to Projector Point and Casio where we get all of our projectors from. They had just the thing an Casio Ultra Short Throw Projector which is now putting out a 110 Inch Image from a few feet away not to mention being brighter than the previous model.

KeyShot Render of Fareham

In the end we desk mounted it rather than wall mounted as we didn't have enough height. Which also proves that I should double check from every angle! However the main aim was achieved allowing us to move everyone closer to the screen.

SOLIDWORKS Training Centre SOLIDWORKS Training Centre

This one change opened up the whole room to add some sofas but the shape was challenging whereby regular sofas were tough to fit in whilst still having room for tea, coffee and a nice new much bigger fridge before summer arrives!  

Of course google helped me out and after a quick email to Office Reality they sent me some CAD files which I imported into SOLIDWORKS and modelled the options. This prevented an error as I could immediately see the issues with my initial plan for a 4 Prong design and went for the 3 “prong” design instead.

KeyShot Render of Fareham

SOLIDWORKS Training Centre

Hopefully everyone on training will enjoy the new additions. Watch this space for some new content on the TV screen and a new projector screen soon!

It only remains for me to thank Rory, Chris and everyone else in the Southern office who helped!

Alan Sweetenham

Elite Applications Engineer

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