Furniture Design Made Easy

Wednesday October 24, 2018 at 12:49pm
Calling all furniture and interior designers: the days of creating square cabinets are over. What if we told you there's a much easier way to bring your products to life? Here’s 10 reasons why we feel SOLIDWORKS is better than any other software, especially if you’re designing furniture: ​
Furniture Design Made Easy

1)       Create complicated shapes

SOLIDWORKS can do more than simple square furniture design, with its advanced surfacing capabilities SOLIDWORKS allows you to create complicated shapes with ease.

Tom Raffield lamps. Solid Solutions customer.


2)      Versatile modelling Tools

SOLIDWORKS is a versatile CAD software that is capable of modelling virtually any product, you aren’t limited to just designing furniture. Using SOLIDWORKS you can design stairs, handles, connecting components, sheet metal, steel framing and much more all within a single software package. This means you won’t have any issues with data translation between programs.


3)      Automatically update drawings

All drawing views generated in SOLIDWORKS are linked back to the original 3D model, this means any amendments made to the model are automatically updated within the drawing. This guarantees your design documents will always be up to date, without any hassle.



4)      Seamless integration with other software

SOLIDWORKS is capable of importing and exporting many different file types. This flexibility simplifies working with suppliers and customers, even if they are using different software. DXF, DWG, step, iges, obj are just a few of the different file types available.


5)      Customisable to any solution

SOLIDWORKS library features are fully customisable so you aren’t limited to what is provided within the package. Save and reuse your features so that you can simplify your repetitive tasks to just a few clicks. Smart Components allow you to add parts to your design and automatically create related holes and fasteners.


6)      Download standard components

SOLIDWORKS files are often available to download from supplier websites for items such as cams, hinges, drawer runners. This saves time and helps create more accurate models.

7)      Create photorealistic renders

SOLIDWORKS Visualize enables you to create professional photo-quality images, animations, and other 3D content in the fastest and easiest way possible. Show your products to clients in their best light, in a way that’s appealing and easy for them to understand. Renders allow you to display different colours and product styles without having to pay for costly prototypes and photoshoots.


8)      Simplify Cut-list and BoM creation

Cut-lists and Bills of Materials can be generated automatically from your assembly design. This data is linked to the assembly so you never need to worry about it getting out of date.

9)      Full software solution

SOLIDWORKS gives you more than just 3D CAD, the product portfolio available can be tailored to fit your workflow.  Whether you want to predict real world behaviour, cut inspection time, or improve a particular design, there’s an easy solution for any design within SOLIDWORKS.

10)  Grow your design team

SOLIDWORKS is one of the most prevalent CAD products, there are many skilled users in the U.K. and it has become the program of choice for many top Universities. Finding competent CAD users has never been easier!

Watch our webcast below that covers these and other features that make SOLIDWORKS unbeatable to the competition, focusing particularly in furniture and interior design.


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