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Visualize Rendering Competition Results

Tuesday November 27, 2018 at 1:27pm

Visualize Rendering Competition

With computer generated graphics and rendering quality ever improving, how do we know if something is real or a render? The lines can become blurred at best, but how realistic are your renders? We ran a competition to see what your renders look like and what you can achieve with SOLIDWORKS for a chance to win an iPad.

We received over 100 entries with most demonstrating such great CAD design and SOLIDWORKS knowledge that it was very hard to choose a winner. Our technical engineers shortlisted some entries and all employees across the Solid Solutions Group voted for their favourite renders.

1st Place – AJ from Gaudio Awards

Realistic enough to play? Great use of textures and bump maps to give depth. Addition of a lens flare and dust in post-processing makes it look like a real photograph.

25 votes, to quote our Regional Sales Manager, Elliot Parkin-Webb, “the detail on the SNES controller is on another level”. Elliot, you are not wrong!

AJ from Gaudio Awards

2nd Place – Rod Dixon from Smith Dixon

Wood grain within a texture gives realism and this is a brilliant example of true engineering.

24 votes, literally 1 vote in it! An old-time regular on our Support Desk, who enjoys rendering WW2 aircraft during semi-retirement, Rod has really impressed us with his aircraft engine design. The details and realism is as impressive as Rod’s knowledge of CAD design.

Currently living in Australia, Rod is so passionate about CAD-ing, he has created his own website to host his projects and form a community of like-minded CAD users. Make sure to check his work and join Rod’s conversation by following his site:

Rod Dixon - Smith Dixon and Associates

3rd Place – Martin Jordan from Klöckner Pentaplast (Linpac Packaging)

Everybody loves Lego! Brilliant composition and use of Bloom upon the lights.

18 votes, Lego is always a crowd pleaser and great use of Bloom.

Martin Jordan - Klockner Pentaplast

The Solid Solutions team would like to thank all participants for sharing their work with us and congratulate the winners for their fantastic renders! 

Honourable Mentions:

Click on the images below for more information...


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