SOLIDWORKS Visualize Competition - The Results Are In!

Friday December 18, 2020 at 5:35pm

Over the 2021 launch event we ran Render Rumble, a SOLIDWORKS Visualize competition with some amazing prizes. We had a great response with some fantastic entries making it very hard to judge! We were looking for both static renders and animations and judged them both on realism, creativity and composition. To decide the winners our Visuals teams shortlisted the cream of the crop and all employees across Solid Solutions voted for their favourite.

Here our short-listed static renders in no particular order:

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Competition - The results are

Sollis Booths by David Kemp of Rack Systems

We liked this renders composition with great use of library parts to embellish the render but not too many to distract from the main product. There is very good use of textures to show materials that helps to display the design at it's best.

SKIL Power Tools by Sam Billington of Chevron Group

This render has exceptional realism that is aided by good use of textures and appearance that interact with the light in just the right way. The use of the background to join the tools together really shows the range while making the individual product pop.

RPS-FR Stacked by Andrew Douglas of Ryno Group

Although a simpler model than some of the other entries, this render is in no way simple with a good composition, great use of lights to get enough contrast, very well executed textures and decals that have been highlighted using a little depth of field in the camera.

Crew Hawk Inspection Helmet by Bryn Hogarth at Salunda

Very good use of a picture to show the product in context, which is always easier said than done. The materials and lighting used is very appropriate for the picture making real life and CAD combine together seamlessly.

The OSET Bike Line-up by Ben Freeman of OSET Bikes

A great example of how computer generated images can so effectively show an entire line up with consistency and realism. Fantastic use of decals to show the full effect of what the bikes look like in real life with all its artwork. View the full image here.

TV Rack by Jonathan Clark at Rack Systems

This render could easily come from a magazine. The use of library parts, all with beautiful textures really compliment the racking system and show it in context. From the beams creating contrasting shadows on the wall to the use of products in the foreground all contribute to a complete and realistic scene.

The Results!

The Winner: TV Rack by Jonathan Clark at Rack Systems. A deserving winner with clear skills in rendering, well done Jonathan!

Runner Up: RPS-FR Stacked by Andrew Douglas of Ryno Group. A very hard subject made to look awesome, well done Andrew.

Runner Up: SKIL Power Tools by Sam Billington of Chevron Group. A very professional composition to show the tools in the range and extremely photorealistic. Well done Sam!

Animation Results!

Now for the animations. The guidelines for this was to show a 10-30 second animation showing off a product (and animation skills!) and was judged with the same criteria as the static renders of realism, creativity and composition. Some of the animations that were entered were understandably longer than the guidelines but we decided to just take the best 30 seconds of each animation and judge solely on that 30 seconds.

The Winner: Sleeve Fit Brackets by Lina Teiserskiene of FH Brundle.

We liked this animation, as it was a very clear and easy to follow instruction video with good use of library parts such as Allen keys to really show exactly how to put the handrail together. Well Done Lina!

Runner Up: Crew Hawk Portable by Bryn Hogarth at Salunda.

This animation has a lovely story that flows throughout and is a very effective explanation of what the product is, much easier to understand than if it had been traditional video. Well Done Bryn!

Runner Up: Pick and place Cell Walkthrough by Jo Harris from RM Group.

A good example of a turntable/walk around of a product. We thought there was some nice lighting to highlight the product well and really ground it. The use of the people gave good scale to the product. Well Done Jo!

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