10 Start-Up Companies to Watch Out for in 2021

Friday February 12, 2021 at 9:50am

It goes without saying that start-up companies are here to disrupt the market when it comes to new and innovative product design. At Solid Solutions we provide free SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software to entrepreneur companies to give them a head start when designing their products. We decided to break down our top 10 start-up companies to watch out for in 2021.

In no particular order;

10 Entrepreneur Companies to Watch Out for in

Muddy Machines

Muddy Machines story started in early 2020 when founders Chris and Florian met through ‘Entrepreneur First’, a platform that links founders with co-founders that share their goals. Florian was looking for ways to bring modern technologies to agriculture from his background in his family’s farm in Portugal. After researching problems that farmers face today, it wasn’t long before Muddy Machines was born. The robots that they are developing help growers manage labour-intensive crops whilst protecting their land.

With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, they are developing autonomous robots that run on renewable energy and are lightweight to help protect the ground beneath them. Specially developed AI technology allows these robots to detect crop maturity to predict and report future crop yields. Certainly a start-up to watch out for in the fast growing AgriTech industry.

Read more on Muddy Machines here: https://www.muddymachines.com/


Photo credit: Spyras

Innovative health company, Spyras, was formed in 2018 when a founding team began creating new ways to monitor breathing using sensors and analytics to provide new insights into respiratory health. Back in March 2020 with the rise in cases of COVID-19, Spyras pre-empted that masks would become mandatory and from this, they invented the Smart Mask.

The Smart Mask provides continuous respiratory monitoring to allow people to understand more about their respiratory health and to also detect possible abnormal breathing relating to health.

Learn more about Spyras and their Smart Face Masks via their website: https://www.spyras.com/


PlasmaTrack are on the right track when it comes to railway cleaning technology. During the colder months’ railways have the challenge of dealing with wet leaves that make their way onto their route. When this happens, the wheels compress them into a paste making a super-slippery layer, this reduces grip meaning trains need to accelerate and brake gently to avoid slipping. PlasmaTrack’s smart plasma technology can clear the residue on tracks, returning the surface to a dry, clean, and uncontaminated state. What is not cool about a plasma gun!

See more on their website: https://www.plasmatrack.co.uk/


Photo credit: Stix

Start-up company, Stix, is an interactive product to help assist children in practising mindfulness. It encourages children with learning difficulties, particularly ADHD, to learn about their symptoms and how to cope with them as well as helping them to identify the positives of their neurodiversity. Research shows that mindfulness reduces symptoms of poor attention and hyperactivity by 30% whilst also helping with anxiety and stress.

Stix’s aims to make mindfulness fun, exciting and interactive for children to help to support their mental development through the completion of activities. By completing these activities children are then rewarded with stars that act as positive reinforcement for their behaviour.

Visit their website to learn more: https://www.stixmindfulness.co.uk/

Cheesecake Energy Ltd

In 2016 energy system company, Cheesecake Energy, was founded. Their mission is to produce advanced thermal and compressed air power systems to store energy from intermittent renewables to turn them into reliable power-on-demand. Their story began when they noticed the costs of solar panels were dramatically decreasing but their true potential was not being unlocked. They got to work and between 2017 and 2019 their innovative thermal storage units underwent testing. Working alongside a large industrial corporation, production began last year and will continue into this year with aims to have their pilot systems released in 2022. As for their future plans… watch this space!

Read more on Cheesecake Energy Ltd via their website: https://www.cheesecakeenergy.com/

Photo credit: Cheesecake Energy Ltd


BIOHM is an award-winning research and development company that is using nature to revolutionise construction and create a healthier and more sustainable environment. Their revolutionary construction system can achieve drastic reductions in a buildings environmental impact, build times and costs. Their unique materials are a plant-based alternative to concrete and their interlocking construction system creates carbon-negative buildings that can be deconstructed at any stage in their life.

Read more on BIOHM’s mission on their website: https://www.biohm.co.uk/ and learn more how they use SOLIDWORKS in our original blog article here.

Benedex Ltd

Benedex Ltd are at the core of everything motion robotics. In July 2019 Snir Benedek, the founder of Benedex, noticed that every time a new type of robot was being developed, designers either had a whole new motion platform engineered or used a suitable ready-made robotic vehicle that then constrained their product and creativity.

Photo credit: Benedex

From this, Snir saw a gap in the market to create an intelligent platform to provide businesses with a cheaper and faster option to designing a motion platform in-house. Unlike buying a whole robotic vehicle off the shelf the Benedex system provides a flexible motion platform that can fit around any robotic design whilst providing high performance and high reliability.

Visit their website to learn more: https://benedex.co.uk/


Photo credit: Nuncats

Community Interest Company, Nuncats, are tackling a problem often overlooked by larger ‘for-profit’ organisations. They propose a solution to the transportation issues that rural communities in developing countries are facing, how to access vital transport solutions. Over 1 billion people do not have access to medical supplies, education, and healthcare simply because they live in rural areas of developing countries.

There are current strategies in place to provide vital services and systems where they are needed most, such as schools and hospitals, however, the development of these areas is still obstructed by lack of transport. Land-based transport can be difficult over long periods of time and certain roads are often impassable. Whilst helicopters can overcome these obstacles, they are expensive to run, can be more dangerous and fuel supplies can be a problem, that’s where Nuncats come in. They are currently developing an electric aircraft that will provide a sustainable solution to these issues.

See more on their life changing work by visiting their website: https://www.nuncats.org/


HayBeeSee have hopped in headfirst to create a product to help farmers all over the world. Their CropHopper is set to improve yields in multiple areas making a significant impact to plants and crops. Their uniquely designed product can detect signs of weeds, aphids, and early disease. The CropHopper is light and can get in between canopies without damage even in the most critical growing times and is fast and efficient meaning it can over 180 acres of land per day.

Photo credit: HayBeeSee

See why farmers are jumping for joy to get their hands on this product: https://haybeesee.com/

AI Exploration

AI Exploration are set to disrupt and digitalise the Oil & Gas industry. Based in Edinburgh, UK, this fast-growing start-up deliver impactful, real-time production optimisation and oil-field diagnostics powered by their AI software and novel process sensing hardware. Their technologies help increase process efficiency and cost savings, which will play an important part in the energy transition.

To find out more click here: https://www.f6s.com/aiexploration

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