5 Amazing Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022

Monday January 17, 2022 at 10:15am
The new release of SOLIDWORKS Visualize brings a number of brilliant enhancements to performance, functionality, interface design and convenience. Below we've picked our top five and for each one we've created a one minute video to explain all about it, so please take a look and learn how SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 will help bring your renders to the next level.

Match Camera

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

2D backgrounds are simple to source online or to capture with any camera, they're a great option for placing your designs in a realistic setting but often it's time consuming to position a model so it looks 'right'. The new match camera functionality dramatically simplifies this, simply align reference markers with your image and Visualize will match the correct perspective and camera focal length.

Scatter Pattern

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

The new scatter pattern option allows you to quickly and easily create randomly placed duplicates of items within a given space. Each instance can vary in scale and this is controlled by simply choosing a minimum and maximum amount. If you don't like the arrangement created you can quickly redo it by pressing the randomize button. Non-uniformity is key when aiming for realism in renders and this is another great tool to help you achieve it.

Animation User Interface Update

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

The animation timeline has had a complete transformation in 2022 from subtle user interface changes to the addition of new features. Check out the video about to learn how these features can help you to work more efficiently and reduce the reliance on post processing software.

Output Viewer

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

The output viewer in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 makes it simple to keep track of your renders and also to repeat a render following an model change. Visualize already automatically updates the project when it detects new geometry. Now we can repeat the rendering with a single-click automatically loading up the correct camera, environment, lighting and backplate needed for the render.

Shadow Catcher

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

The new shadow catcher option in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 helps you capture and display 3D shadows correctly even if the model is using a 2D image as a backplate. This tool is going to bring a ton of convenience and realism to your 2D renders.


Interested in SOLIDWORKS Visualize and want to learn more about it? Visit our SOLIDWORKS Visualize pages to discover its capabilities or get in touch with us to arrange a demo.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included within SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, so you may already be in a position to take advantage of Visualize to explore new concepts and display your products at their best.

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