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Rendering with SOLIDWORKS: The Power of Product Animations

Monday September 11, 2023 at 8:00am

Traditional static images can only take you so far in showcasing the functionality and intricacies of your products.

This is where product animations come into play, providing a dynamic and immersive way to present your designs.

3 Reasons Why You Should Create Product Animations


    Traditional 2D drawings and static images can sometimes fall short in conveying the complete picture of a product.

    Animations, on the other hand, provide a dynamic representation of how a product works, moves, and interacts with its environment. This dynamic visualization is invaluable for engineers and designers to communicate their ideas effectively.

    With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro and animated 3D product renders and walkthroughs, you let your customers experience your product before they even get their hands on them.

    Did you know? SOLIDWORKS Visualize comes in three tiers to suit your needs. Check out our blog “What is SOLIDWORKS Visualize?” to learn more.

    Animations break down complex concepts into digestible visual sequences.

    Whether you're presenting your design to colleagues, clients, or stakeholders, animations make it easier for everyone to understand the functionality and design intent.

    They help to eliminate ambiguity and ensure that your message is crystal clear.


    Beyond the design phase, animations are instrumental in marketing and sales efforts.

    They help potential customers visualize how a product will benefit them, making it easier to convey the value proposition. Engaging animations can capture the viewer's attention and leave a lasting impression.

    Utilise the powerful tools you have available and render your products with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro to maximise their potential.

Animating with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a physically accurate ray tracing rendering tool, powered by NVIDIA Iray technology, and plays a pivotal role in creating stunning product renders.

With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro, you gain the ability to create photorealistic animations and walkthroughs, and add virtual reality (VR) capabilities to your toolkit.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create animations of your SOLIDWORKS and CAD files, then here’s why you should implement SOLIDWORKS Visualize within your product design process:


    SOLIDWORKS Visualize seamlessly imports CAD models, including exploded views, camera angles, animations, and appearances directly into its interface.

    This eliminates the need to recreate designs from scratch, saving you valuable time and effort and, with a live link to your SOLIDWORKS CAD models, SOLIDWORKS Visualize updates its projects as you modify your design.


    A staple in animation, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro utilises keyframes effectively to store precise information about the model location, camera orientation, appearances, lighting, and more.

    Keyframes allow you to create smooth and realistic motion in your animations, change cameras, lighting, and environments to enhance the realism of your product renders.

    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro provides a straightforward introduction to animation, so you can create compelling videos without needing a fancy camera.


    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro offers advanced animation controls, including animation controllers and video decals.

    These features enable you to add automatic rotations, turntables, motion blur, and other effects to enhance the quality and realism of your animations.

    Drive vehicles or employ real-world physics to create natural placements, create turntables, sun studies, and even guided walkthroughs in VR.

    Each feature comes with a comprehensive set of controls to ensure that your animations meet your exact specifications and provide your customers with an authentic experience.

    With a user-friendly and efficient workflow for creating animations, you can break down complex motions into individual steps, giving you precise control over each aspect of the animation.


    Configurations in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro allow you to reuse existing animations and models and create variations on a theme within a single project.

    Replicate cameras, pattern models, and animate a whole product range without throttling your CPU.

    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro aims to make the visualisation process straightforward and enjoyable as you prepare to launch your product into the world.


    SOLIDWORKS Visualize can be used separately to SOLIDWORKS.

    That means anyone within your company can use it without needing a SOLIDWORKS license to enable designers, engineers, and content creators across all industries to create compelling visual content of their designs with unparalleled ease and flexibility.

    By utilising photo-quality content early in the design process, more informed design decisions can be made, as well as receiving useful early feedback from sales teams and potential customers.

    In the world of engineering and product design, effective communication is paramount.

    Animations are a powerful tool that enhance communication, facilitate design, and boost marketing efforts.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro, with its robust set of features and user-friendly interface, empowers engineers and designers to create stunning product animations that bring their designs to life.

By harnessing the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you can showcase your designs with clarity, precision, and realism.

So whether you're presenting to colleagues, clients, or potential customers, product animations created with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro will set you apart in a competitive and ever-evolving landscape.

Elevate your design communication and take your engineering and product design projects to new heights with SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

Take the Next Steps...

To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Visualize and how you can create stunning realistic product renders, why not book on to one of our CPD-accredited training courses?

Whether you’re a beginner or already intimately familiar with CAD, our friendly and expert trainers are ready to help you get the most out of SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Visualize, either online or in a classroom local to you.

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