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SOLIDWORKS Support - Common Questions and Solutions

Below we have listed links to guides, videos and online resources for some of the most common SOLIDWORKS solutions provided by our support team. If you require further help please contact our technical support team.

General SOLIDWORKS Fixes

For model issues try pressing "Ctrl + Q" to force a regeneration of the model data, this fixes many common issues. Other common issues can be fixed by changing settings or repairing SOLIDWORKS.

Bypass SOLIDWORKS Settings How to Repair SOLIDWORKS


We are often asked how to move SOLIDWORKS Licenses between machines or change the Serial number used on a machine. See these guides for the details on how.

How to deactivate (transfer a license) Change SOLIDWORKS Serial Number

Report a Complicated Issue

If you have a complicated issue and need to contact support you can capture information about your issue and your system by using SOLIDWORKS RX

Capture an RX - With Video Capture an RX - Without Video

Graphics and Display Fixes

Most display issues are caused by an unsupported graphics card, or driver. To diagnose whether your card is the issue try running in Open GL safe mode.

Run Safe Mode: OpenGL Download Latest Graphics Drivers Fix Mod-Diam Display Error

Hardware Support and Advice

Whether you're trying to select hardware to purchase or need a hand getting set up, these guides have you covered.

Hardware Setup and Advice Picking Hardware Advice SOLIDWORKS System Requirements

Frequently Asked on Support

Here are a few of the most common questions we're asked on Support.

How to Share Files - Pack and Go Can SOLIDWORKS Import Step Files? Can SOLIDWORKS run on a Mac?

Hardware Support and Advice

If you're having trouble setting up an online account for SOLIDWORKS or Molid Solutions then look no further than these guides.

How to Create a SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Account How to remove Padlocks from your Customer Portal Account How to Create a Solid Solutions Account How to Obtain SOLIDWORKS Xpress Product Codes