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SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modelling Training Course

DURATION: 2 Days (increasing to 3 days in 2016)


Learn about the multi-body environment within SOLIDWORKS, using Boolean operations and the master model technique. Delve deeper into the Sweep and Loft feature, looking in depth at the advanced options that are used to create organic and contoured shapes.

The course finishes off by looking at some of the lesser known SOLIDWORKS features, including advanced filleting options, interactive model manipulation and free-form design. A must for consumer and product designers, as well as general SOLIDWORKS users looking to gain a more rounded view of what the product is capable of from a complex shape point of view. Please note for our 2016 courses the duration has extended to 3 days instead of 2.
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SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modelling Training

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modelling - Training Course Reviews

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Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Content was good and trainer was excellent!
Product : Excellent course & trainer
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Tom was a great coach, covering everything quickly and in sufficient depth, but also willing to explain things or go into more detail when asked.
Product : Great course, well taught, and very useful for my work.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Another good tutor, patient and always prepared to help.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Course Trainer - Ben Pearson

The course content was great. I did not award 5 stars because on a few occasions, questions were asked with the response of "I'm not sure, I don't know". I would have preferred to hear "I'm not sure but I will look into this and get back to you on that one before the end of the course".

As stated above the course content was great and Ben did a good job delivering/explaining everything.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
I thought the course was excellent, the pace just right and the support was second to none. All our questions were answered and those that weren't were researched.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : very helpful. Explained everything in a thorough manner and went at the right pace for everyone, stopping and explaining whenever anyone needed help.
Product : Excellent, the desk and the computer was well set out and in good distance from the teaching projector.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
good pace, examples were clear to follow and material is excellent.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Good knowledge of the software, quite biased to the product design industry though
Product : Good course, I needed to have more experience with the softwqre
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Jonathan delivered the course very well, as all trainers do. Great knowledge of how things work and explained very well how to do things. Helped when people were stuck and was going through the exercises at a good speed for all.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Not only was Tom able to answer all my questions, he was patient and ensured i had understood things before moving on. In addition, he was keen to help me apply the learning to my specific use of SOLIDWORKS.
Product : I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the training to a new user (maybe even an existing user if they are in a rutt!). The helpdesk has been able to help me most of the time. Whilst i try to work things out for myself, I know there is a team of people who can and will help on the other end of the phone.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Well paced, detailed, Questions answered. Highly recommended
Product : Highly recommended - questions answered
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Efficient and clear in presenting what was needed. Took time to explain any problems encountered
Product : Completely suitable for what was needed.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : No problems here
Product : Very good course, well structured and presented
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable on the subject and on SOLIDWORKS in general
Product : Nice location and training room
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable trainer, large amount of content and a brief covering of the advanced features/tools in Solid-works as there are so many features and different ways of creating them.
Would have liked some more detail on design intent, and the best approach to using advanced features, for example the best practice and reasons for using one feature over another..
Product : Large topic large amount of examples, no focus on design intent or best practice approach to using advanced features. It is difficult to know which advanced feature to use as they can produce very similar parts..
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Great tuition, and very supportive
Advanced Part Modelling Training
It was good training, easily the best facilities I have had training at also the best lunch. The quality of training was great and covered everything we needed to know.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Very pleasant and keen to help when asked
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Trainer was great. Knew his stuff and was helpful
Product : The course was great. Learned a lot and would do another.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Course excellent
Product : Well delivered course, would recommend
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very well organised! Easy to find on arrival at the building. Welcomed by friendly receptionist once arrived at Solid Solutions' office. ID card already set up allowing me to promptly meet the course trainer. The course trainer was very knowledgeable and also quick to help out anybody that was behind or answer any questions regarding the process we were learning. Also very approachable after the training days had ended to answer any further questions about SOLIDWORKS. The trainer also kept the day running smoothly at a good pace so that everybody could advance at their own pace and also in line with the plan for the day. Keep up the good work Fraser!
Product : The training itself covered a lot of topics I had never been exposed to before. I never felt left behind and was able to keep on track with the tasks being taught. The training manual given to take away is a great way to further revise the skills taught as there are so many effective modelling techniques taug
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Solid Solutions has excellent set up and the Training was first class. I would recommend the for your Solid Works Training requirements.
Product : The course was set out excellent and the Training material was first class.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Good pace on lessons and all features explained and showed properly.
Product : A good presentation and explanation of advanced features which I was not familiar with before, this course has definitely improved my skills. The book given at the end of the course is very helpful when you forget how to do a certain feature.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Progressed course at a well judges pace and knowledgeable.
Product : Interesting content in a easy to follow format
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Excellent knowledge, very helpful.
Product : Interesting content, well presented, well paced
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very helpful and made sure to keep everyone happy without leaving people behind or letting others get bored.

An excellent course, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Looking forward to hopefully participating in more courses in the future
Product : The pace seemed a little slow to some people at times and sometimes a little fast for others. Overall it is fairly well balanced without leaving anyone out in particular.

It covers a good range of content in a good level of detail.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Julie was very knowledgeable in the finer details of everything we were shown over the 3 days. She managed to keep interest and keep a relatively even pace given the difference in skill level of the people taking the course. She was also very helpful with a few questions I had brought from work regarding the other aspects of the SOLIDWORKS platform including the Simulation packages.
Product : The Advanced Part modelling course was well thought out for the most part and left me with a good understanding of the techniques and functionality used in the course. The only downside was the filleting lesson. This did seem to be tagged on the end of the course. It may be better to include the various filleting techniques laid out in lesson 10 in the previous lessons as the last day seemed a touch faster than the first 2 days.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
very knowledgeable and informative support engineer.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Tim was very attentive and made sure that everyone understood the content before moving on to the next point. He gave attention to us when in need, and was quick to assist us with any design challenges. He was very keen to show us relevant applications of the CAD software, and went beyond the scope of our course to show us the usefulness of the skills we were learning. He was clearly very knowledgeable about SOLIDWORKS, and has modeled many high-detail CAD models that he used to demonstrate skills we were learning.

Indeed, I would happily, and already have, recommended the training course to fellow colleagues in my company.
Product : I enjoyed the experience - the environment was quite relaxed and encouraged creativity, in my opinion. One thing to address would be the lunch selection - if possible, could there be more non-dairy choices included in the course cost.

The course difficulty was well-balanced between being challenging and mentally sti
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Trainer delivered the course well and had excellent knowledge of the software
Product : An excellent course delivered at a good pace
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Good at explaining and very supportive.
Product : Some of the features and tools are not explained thoroughly which sometimes makes the support manual hard to follow.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Would definitely recommend the course and company to others. Trainer was clear with instuctions, ran the course at a good pace, was attentive and knowledgable during exercise sections, but allowed me to get on myself when I wanted to.
Product : Course had a good pace over the 3 days, nothing felt rushed or dragged out. All taught material was covered in exercises to allow me to try myself to check if I had understood.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : good content knowledge
Product : was really just working out of the text book; but have a tutor there helped clarify things
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Rory is the best trainer as he has the most experience and he knows lots of tips and tricks that are really helpful with my work. Also he knows which parts of the course are the most useful and makes it all easy to understand.
Product : The course was very informative. I had done it before in two days and it was too much to take in but it is a lot better in three days.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Rod was very helpful and delivered an excellent course. The standard of teaching was fantastic, Rod was more than happy to help and guide us through each section of the 3-day course and very knowledgeable on each subject. Rod also took the time to help with specific questions I had in regard to optimising my work flow in the office. All in all, very pleased.
Product : I found the course to be very informative. A wide range of techniques and topics were covered which were very useful. Having undertaken the course, I have found myself employing the new techniques I have learned already! Very good value for money and I will certainly be recommending the course my fellow colleagues.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : He was good at explaining all aspects of the course in more than one way and had a good knowledge on how SOLIDWORKS works.
Product : An interesting course which will provide me with a good base of knowledge for making more complex parts in my place of work
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Excellent! very clear speaking and went through course at a comfortable pace.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Friendly and knowledgeable about the course, providing extra information where needed.
Product : The course explained each aspect in detail, however time constraints may mean that users who are less familiar with SOLIDWORKS feel slightly rushed.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Good man Fin! Very supporting and knowledgeable.
Product : Well structured course. New functionalities.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :Trainer was excellent. Whilst had a specific course content to cover, he was prepared to offer individual help as required. Very patient and helpful. Product : Having done a few of these courses now, the content and structure is excellent. As always however its a question of having enough time to cover everything. That is not a reflection on the trainer, who was excellent, more on the content to be covered in time available.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :Tutor was more than capable using SOLIDWORKS and demonstrated addition techniques as well as the course content

Product : there was a lot of information to digest with very little time
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :Clear explanations, happy to help with any problems
Product : Good course, a lot to take in but enjoyed it
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :Very easy to get on with and happy to help whenever needed.
Product : Good facility, adequate equipment and resource provided.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Julie ran the tutorials at the perfect speed, was very personable and on hand to help with issues during the course.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
very good. clear, concise woarked at a speed comfortable for all to follow.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :very helpful, explained things well.
Product : a lot of useful features and tips.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :Patrick had excellent knowledge and competency with the software
Product : So much material that it couldn't all be covered in the two days, but that leaves plenty of exercises for cementing skills later on.
The only negative was that the room we were in had no natural light whatsoever, and I did find this quite fatiguing after a full day.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :Excellent
Product : Excellent
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating :Julie was friendly, professional, supportive and clear in her communication. She helped with useful suggestions and shared her own experiences which made the features better to understand and apply. It was also nice that she joined us for lunch and helped with queries during this time too.
Product : The course covers many interesting features and also gives a great chance to work around the menu's and workspace. I learned ways to use advanced features as well as useful short cuts that will help my workflow. I only would've liked to have seen some more advanced case studies for the lessons 7 & 8 which taught the features I'm most likely to use for consumer product design.