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Why SWOOD CAM Training?
SWOOD CAM facilitates the programming of CNC toolpaths directly onto your SOLIDWORKS models. During the 2 day course you will learn how to apply a range of different machining operations directly onto your part in preparation for manufacture. Lessons also focus on the construction of your tool and aggregate library as well as a machining library for quick access to your most commonly used machining operations. Once we have covered the wide range of programming operations we take a look at the SWOOD CAM nesting capabilities (additional module) before exploring the power of SWOOD CAM simulation and reporting.

  • SWOOD CAM is a SOLIDWORKS add-in and works in conjunction with the core SOLIDWORKS toolset. It is recommended that participants should have attended the SOLIDWORKS Essentials training or the Solid Solutions CAD CAM Essentials course. Experience in wood routing and or CNC programming is not essential but can be beneficial.

SWOOD CAM - Training Course Reviews

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SWOOD CAM Training
The swood course was well planned out in stages that i clearly understood and flowed from one topic to another very easily.
Jordan (Tutor) had great knowledge of the swood software and answered all the questions i fired at him with ease.
SWOOD CAM Training
explained everything very well, was easy to understand and follow
SWOOD CAM Training
Great Training from Owen. Very patient and knowledgeable for remote learning.
SWOOD CAM Training
Owen provided a great course and helped tailor it to the attendees requirements
SWOOD CAM Training
Great people with really deep knowledge
SWOOD CAM Training
very helpful with real time jobs we are currently doing, able to help set up and explained everything in great detail, enjoyed the course and learnt and understand a lot from it.
SWOOD CAM Training
Was very professional and went through everything in details, as well as answer any specific questions that where asked
SWOOD CAM Training
Great course would recommend
SWOOD CAM Training
Clear explanation of the software and encouragement to use
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