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Enhance your SOLIDWORKS Skills
Why DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training?
This course gives a hands-on introduction to the creation, administration and running of DriveWorks Pro projects.

Upon successful completion users will be able to:
  • Drive SOLIDWORKS part and assembly geometry with DriveWorks Pro.
  • Create DriveWorks Pro user forms and link them to the models.
  • Write Rules that determine how a model is driven.
  • Modify a Drawing appearance based on Rules.
  • Create Documents based on Rules.
  • Modify the flow of file generation.

  • Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and preferably attended our SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training Course
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows
NOTE: This course is available as part of the Gold & Platinum Training Passports.

DriveWorks Pro Essentials - Training Course Reviews

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DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Rob was very knowledgeable, worked at a good pace to allow everyone to learn, and even made the mundane points seem interesting! Not a bad word to say.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Rob was excellent throughout the course, gave us a plenty of tips/tricks that would be useful for when we carry out our own projects.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
He explained the content clearly and concisely. Although there was a lot of content to take in, his teaching method made it easy to understand and learn. Joshua went above and beyond to teach us further tips on DriveWorks.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
They were very informative throughout the course, Mark guided through the course well and showed genuine interest in solving and explaining any issues might have had. He did well to think through our thought process on features or actions we might want for our own projects
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Mark was very clear with his delivery of the course. He gave personal insight and accommodated attendees needs throughout the programme.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Fantastic trainer and great content.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
The Trainer Robert and the Training Material was great prepared.
Robert did a great Job to give us a good understanding of the software and help us where ever we struggled to follow.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive through the training session.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Great course, went into detail and it wasn't rushed.
Enjoyed the course and ready to use DriveWorks Pro!
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Josh was great on the Driveworks course. Took the time to explain various aspects clearly and gave scenario's to understand features in context. He went above and beyond the teaching materials, offering his own tips and tricks and shortcuts.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Josh had very good knowledge of Solidworks/Driveworks and made the learning very easy to understand and it helped us pick it up faster.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Good instructor very knowledgeable. When doing exercise felt he tried to go through exercises at his own pace, did have to ask him to slow down a couple of times.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
The course was well run and trainer extremely knowledgeable. He made the training enjoyable. At times he went a little fast for myself however he always came back to assist and get me back on track. This was primarily as I hadn't used the software before and was the 1st time seeing it.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Very helpful and informative.
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Super subject knowledge
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Excellent training with very friendly and welcoming staff with a wealth of knowledge!
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
Top notch training from a top notch bloke!
DriveWorks Professional Training
Easy to talk to, prompt, professional.
DriveWorks Professional Training
Was willing to answer questions specific to our software needs and give more personalised training given our software needs.

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