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DriveWorks Solo


Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1 - Basic Setup - During lesson 1, we will create our first project and capture the SOLIDWORKS model we want to drive. We will learn what parameters we can capture and control using DriveWorks Solo.

Lesson 2 - Project Designer - Lesson 2 will introduce the Project Designer starting with the user interface and making use of the form design.

Lesson 3 - Building Rules - To successfully build rules, users must understand the variables, categories and model rules which can be manipulated. Once some initial rules are completed, we will run our first project to create new models.

Lesson 4 - Improving your Project - Attendees will learn how to edit exiting projects and add further detail and rules to build upon their design.

Lesson 5 - Static Replacement Files - This lesson will explore how SOLIDWORKS files can be replaced for a updated model through DriveWorks while maintaining the project details previously setup.

Lesson 6 - Tables - Lesson 6 will show us how to use an existing table in MicroSoft Excel to update form controls, add dynamic pictures to the form and update rules based on the selections from the table.

Lesson 7 - Form Navigation - Attendees will learn how to make use of multiple forms and use rules-based decisions to navigate through them in different ways.

Lesson 8 - Enhancing Your Forms - In this lesson we will enhance our forms even further by changing the visibility of certain controls based on the values selected in previously, we will then learn how to replace files that are dynamic or changeable.

Lesson 9 - Driving Custom Properties - In lesson 9 we will learn how to control SOLIDWORKS custom properties, these again will be based on rules, meaning the custom property can be as flexible and variable as the SOLIDWORKS models themselves.

Lesson 10 - Documents - During lesson 10 we will create quotation document based on XML which in turn will create a HTML document.

Lesson 11- Drawings - Finally, we will Improve on the drawing already captured by controlling the sheet scale, view positions, annotations and more to allow your drawings to follow a specific format.
Course Details
Length: 1 Day


SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training Course


Drive SOLIDWORKS part and assembly geometry with DriveWorks Solo. Create DriveWorks Solo user forms and link them to the models. Discover how to control SOLIDWORKS Drawings and create custom documents controlled by user inputs.

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