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This course is designed for those less familiar with the broader concepts of stress analysis and is divided in to three main sections. Attendees will be introduced to the engineering terminology associated with stress analysis and how those concepts relate to each other. Hand calculated examples will be used to reinforce these principles.

The course will then move on to explain the background of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using the Simulation Xpress module found in SOLIDWORKS Standard. Using this functionality and learning how to interpret the results obtained will close this section.

Finally, the class will be introduced to the capabilities offered by the further Simulation products that are available to our customers. This will give users an understanding of how the available functionality relates to the real life Failure Modes that our simulations are trying to anticipate. To finish the course general advice for preparing CAD modelling in preparation for Simulation is given.

SOLIDWORKS Training Agenda



  • CAD models are provided for this course so the only previous experience needed is a basic familiarity with the Microsoft Windows Operating System
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Fundamentals Training Agenda

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Simulation Fundamentals Training
The course trainer was Tom McHale.

Tom was well organised and clearly very knowledgeable. He paces the course well and give lots of additional and background information
Simulation Fundamentals Training
very knowledgeable, and had a great understanding of the course.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Excellent fundamentals/first principles explanations
Good set up for the 3 day simulation course, I would recommend anyone considering the simulation course to do this fundamentals course first.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
This course is useful for CAD engineers to review some basic theory in structural analysis. There were some calculation exercises and practical experiments.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Excellent Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS, training subject and training material.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
A lot to take in on one day, but the instructor did very well in my opinion. Good course.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Very well versed in the software and was able to show the capabilities and limitations of the program as well as the accuracy of the results
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Service Rating : I am totally happy with the course trainer.
Product : Excellent course and I received a very useful handout.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Service Rating : Passionate and motivated about the course, with a longing and positive attitude to lay it down the best way possible so that students can benefit from the course to the fullest extent.
Product : Really handy, with some of the basic principles of mechanical engineering explained.