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When will Classroom Training Return?
We will review the situation in April
Due to the latest government announcement we will be running all of our training courses in our Virtual Classroom environments for the immediate future. We expect this to continue until at least mid April, when this decision will be reviewed. We will resume regular classroom training as soon as it is safe to do so.

When if is safe to return to classrooms we will continue with our Covid-19 safety precautions that are in place for our classroom courses, view the breakdown below.
Small Class Sizes
Our training rooms will be limited to a maximum of four attendees and an instructor.
Hand Hygiene
Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes will be available at all times.
Clean Equipment
Equipment will be cleaned down on a daily basis and you will use the same equipment for the duration of your course.
Remote Assistance
The instructor will be able to assist from the front of the room and screen share to your computer to provide any one-to-one assistance.
Masks and Visors
Course participants will be asked to wear masks and the instructor to wear a visor.
Individual Lunches
Lunch will be provided individually instead of in a buffet style.
Continue from Home
If anyone on a classroom course should develop symptoms of COVID-19 overnight, we can swap to our virtual classroom setup overnight to complete the course without interruption and without risk to course attendees.
Not Ready to Return?

Solid Solutions Virtual Classroom Training provides a hands-on, live, interactive group training session from a professional, qualified instructor. Virtual courses follow the same structure as our regular classroom training, with a mix of follow along case studies and practice exercises.

Your instructor will be available to discuss the course’s content and answer questions at any point during the course.

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