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Weldments Training
This was an excellent course, Meng the chap who was running it was very good and noticed that I was struggling with a couple of things before I even noticed myself.
It was a day well spent.
Pipe and Tube Routing Training
Very thorough trainer. Good range of exercises and lesson topics.
Essentials Training
Jordan was very good delivering the course. His instruction and direction was very clear and he paced the content to suit all learners as much as possible. He was very patient and spoke in a clear comprehensible manner. He offered plenty of support to each student on the course and ensured no one fell behind at any stage. However, the content of the course would be further benefitted by being spread out over a greater amount of days; a lot was covered in 4 days for me as a complete beginner. Nonetheless, this was a fantastic course and the training manual will be of excellent use to ensure I can retain the content learned.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Charlotte was absolutely brilliant, very informative and taught the course very well. Would 100% recommend.
Composer Training
Great presentation and clear communication.
Composer Training
The trainer was absolutely helpful, open to any questions at any time during the course, I really enjoyed the course.
Electrical Routing Training
There were a few questions / queries raised by course attendees that had to be deferred until later, however overall he was very knowledgeable on the Wiring / Routing topic.
Essentials Training
Course was interesting and informative. Charlotte was patient and knowledgeable, and did a brilliant job of teaching.
Other staff were friendly.
Facilities are modern and the overall set up is excellent.
Essentials Training
Incredible training, would highly recommend the course, the tutor Saidee was incredible.

I look forward to the next course I do with Solid works.
Essentials Training
Very knowledgeable and professional
Delivery was well-paced
Explanations easily understandable
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Great training, very informative.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Was a very good teacher with patience, understanding and attention to detail.
Sheet Metal Training
Really enjoyable Course, Brilliant training facility and excellent course Tutor.
Weldments Training
Very good trainer with extremely good knowledge of SOLIDWORKS.
Sheet Metal Training
Jack, the trainer was very helpful, making sure we were all following together & helping when necessary. Also assisted in some sheet metal design problems that I’ve had recently with an upcoming spiral project which I’m very grateful for.
PDM Standard
A great training course delivered professionally with all resources required.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Great training and very patient
Essentials Training
clearly explained everything at right level of detail
DraftSight Essentials Training
Gordon was very friendly, knew his material and took the time to explain it if we did not catch on right away. He was funny and made the very early morning/day go by quickly. i would highly recommend his training to anyone.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
The advanced modelling course is great, our instructor Tom, was knowledgeable and friendly. He delivered the course material with ease and although I believe quite new to the job was able to answer any and all questions we put on him. Good training on Solid Solutions part there.

I was lucky enough to be in a small group of just 3 and we were all able to finish the exercises with enough time to really get some extra knowledge and find out a bit more of how we could implement the training in our own real world/work based projects.

The course material itself is excellent, my only gripe is that because SOLIDWORKS is an American company it does feel weird to use inches in some of the exercises!
Electrical Schematics Training
Training was good and cleared all doubts.
Essentials Training
SOLIDWORKS Essentials. Excellent course and perfect presentation by the trainer. Perfect
Essentials Training
Our course trainer was Jack Nicholson. He had a lot of patience and came across in a clear friendly manner
How Jack kept his calm at times is a credit to him.
PDM Standard
PDM Standard training is not the most thrilling of topics at the best of times, So marc did a good job of keeping us engaged and learning, whilst in a virtual classroom. Only thing missing was the lunch and biscuits!
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Very good instruction and knowledge in wider SOLIDWORKS functionality.
Essentials Training
Everything was explained very clearly and nothing was too much trouble to be repeated or re-worded.
Essentials Training
Franklin is very knowledgeable and answered all questions from all individuals within our class. He was able to deliver the content very effectively.

The essentials course has a great amount of content to get anybody well on their way with SOLIDWORKS. Definitely recommended.
PDM Professional Training
Always good with these guys very helpful and there support is great.
Essentials Training
Jack was knowledgeable and helpful throughout.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Nick explained all the content well and in good detail as well as at an appropriate pace for everyone.
SolidCAM (CNC) 3D High Speed Milling Training
The trainer was very patient and polite especially as i had a slow PC, the course was not too intense as the 2.5D.
A good couple of days learning new skills along with what i had already been taught
Composer Training
Great! Everything was shown and explain very well, leaving me with lots of ideas with what I can do with composer, thank you Alan
Essentials Training
Get knowledge and experience in the software but the course length was a bit short.
Visualize Standard Training
Richard was a very professional and knowledgeable trainer. The short and long term benefits of undertaking the training face to face should become very apparent!
Essentials Training
Rory was very knowledgeable and patient with us all.
Essentials Training
All good. Course was run at a good pace with loads of time to ask questions and trainer was always able to answer concisely
Jon was an excellent communicator and patient trainer who took his time to explain and demonstrate some aspects of SOLIDWORKS which I had never seen before. He was more than happy to stop if someone needed help and to repeat various steps to ensure that everyone was on the same page and completed the exercise or task. He also made himself available for a long time every day after the course ended to answer any questions or general queries that we had, even if they were not specifically part of the course content. Jon has a great knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and the course content and is easy to engage with. I would highly recommend Jon as a trainer and would not hesitate to attend a course with him again.
Assembly Modelling Training
Well organized training, good pace. Instructor was clear in his delivery of the material and easy to follow.
Essentials Training
He was very knowledgeable in the subject, very approachable and added some humour into the training, making it a very enjoyable course.
Animations Training
Adam was very knowledgeable, friendly and a great instructor.
Electrical 3D Training
The trainer was very knowledgeable, he answered all questions and resolved the issues of files not being on the machines in a quick and efficent manner.
Drawings Training
Great training- very clear and easy to understand.
Very pleasant and patient trainer.
Very professional
SMAP and PandID Training
He was lovely, intelligent and took his time to clearly explain the content and also ensure that I understood the concepts before moving on
Essentials Training
James was very clear providing the training course, he was very patient and helpful when asked for help.
Essentials Training
Very helpful, good pace of instruction for whole class.
Essentials Training
Engineer James was knowledge and broke down any problems/issue in easy steps when giving overview of SOLIDWORKS.
Flow Simulation Training
Course was delivered well. Sameer taught the course well by going into a lot of depth and made things easier to understand.
Surface Modelling Training
The trainer was very helpful, he seemed to fully understand the subject he was teaching and was able to watch each of our screens to notice if anyone was struggling
Essentials Training
Eoghan was a good communicator, very observant regarding each course member's progress and requirements. Really knew his stuff re solid works.
Eoghan set a really good pace, challenging but kept everyone up to speed.

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