Enhance your SOLIDWORKS Skills
Why CAM Users Training?
This course provides the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS that CAM users need to know with a focused agenda that includes elements from the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course specifically covering:
  • User Interface and Basic Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Sketching
  • Basic Part Model Creation
  • Modelling with Symmetry
  • Patterned and Arrayed Features
  • Revolved and Turned Features
  • Introduction to Assemblies
  • Experience navigating around the Windows Operating System
  • Getting Started Tutorials- (Help > SOLIDWORKS Tutorials)
NOTE: This course is part of the CAM Training Passport, but NOT the SOLIDWORKS Training Passport.

CAD Essentials for CAM Users - Training Course Reviews

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CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
The course trainer was extremely knowledgeable and was able to convey that knowledge to us in a clear and concise way. This made the learning experience easy and smooth.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
because I am so happy how he explain everything, make that really simply and easy to understand.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Everything was great .Learn all the command I need ,good structure.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Course trainers knowledge of the course and solid works package was excellent. He managed to assist and correct problems as they occurred with different individuals as they made errors. Presentation of the training routine/schedule was done well in the allotted time..
Many thanks.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Well put together, knowledgeable Tutor.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
He tried with passion and effort to give the most he could in the tight time we had
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
perfect, couldn't complain about anything.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Friendly and knowledgeable. Was happy to answer questions I had. Very good teacher who passed on knowledge with clarity and made the course very enjoyable.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Everything was perfect
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
the trainer helped with every question I asked and he didn't mind how many times I asked for help
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
I attended a 2 day course for SOLIDWORKS essentials of which there is a lot to go through having not used SOLIDWORKS before. The course trainer went through the exercises and offered help when needed. Overall a good set up.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
The course was very informative and structured in pleasant surroundings.
My only criticism is that the pace was too fast for people who had never used SOLIDWORKS before
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Adam the course trainer did a perfect job of delivering the course in a clear and easy to understand way.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Extremely helpful and approachable
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Olly was a good mentor however he did get a little confused at times during demonstrations.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Helpful, especially when you get in a pickle
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Course kept me interested at all times
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Service Rating : A great course – well-designed, high-quality, blended learning programme & quality of the tuition is of a very high standard thanks to the trainer
Product : High quality of training and professional
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Service Rating : Trainer was excellent, he knew the software very well and never failed to answer any questions. He never rushed anybody but we still managed to complete the course in time with a good understanding.
Excellent approach to teaching by working though a couple of exercises as a group and then finally pushing you on to do some work independently.
Product : The course was well set out and increased on difficulty level throughout the day. It proved to be challenging, but no too challenging that it made you question your capability with the software. Even though I have been using the software for the last 6 months, attending the course has revealed features that I was previously oblivious to before the course.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Service Rating : Simon Beamish was very knowledgeable, answered every question asked with a more than satisfactory answer. Covered a lot of exercises and more! Didn't move on until everyone in the course was at the same level.
Product : The training course was set out in a way where it was easily followed. It was concise and in an order logical to what you need to know first then moved onto harder exercises when our basic knowledge was formed!
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Service Rating :Simon went through all the chapters giving clear understandable instruction allowing time for the detail to be absorbed. Any areas where we struggled he went back through and didn't rush on. Product : The course has given us a basic understanding of SOLIDWORKS, hopefully enough to see us through the next stage.

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