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Why SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation?
Plastics Professional immediately gives plastic part designers or manufactures the ability to simulate more of the injection moulding process from the initial fill up to the part being ejected. A significant amount of additional set up functions are included with this level of the software and they are all detailed in the training content.

Plastics Premium gives users the full picture and introduces simulation of the cooling channels and their performance within the tool, and also the predicted part deformation or warpage. These two new analysis capabilities are fully detailed in the closing lessons of this training course.

  • Content in this course follows the 7 lessons presented in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard Simulation. Plastics Standard is a prerequisite for Plastics Professional/Premium and will typically be scheduled on the day before this event.

NOTE: This course is available as part of the Gold & Platinum Training Passports.


SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation - Training Course Reviews

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Plastics Professional and Premium Simulation Training
Very useful course and Romel was excellent at running through the lessons and supporting through the exercises. Really enjoyed the course!
Plastics Professional and Premium Simulation Training
They were informative, positive and friendly. I learned a great deal from the 2 day course and I am excited to use Plastics going forward.
Plastics Professional and Premium Simulation Training
Friendly and informative. Willing to stay late for us.

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