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SOLIDWORKS Composer enables you to create technical publications that stay parametric with your SOLIDWORKS CAD designs. This means you can begin the creation of tech pubs in parallel with the CAD designs rather than afterwards to dramatically streamline your processes.

Over two days, learn how to create high quality vector output images, animate assembly sequences and create fully interactive documents amongst many other commands.

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  • Prior experience of SOLIDWORKS would be beneficial but not necessary as SOLIDWORKS Composer runs as a standalone application to SOLIDWORKS and hence has its own user interface.


SOLIDWORKS Composer Training

SOLIDWORKS Composer - Training Course Reviews

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Composer Training
Course was well planned and delivered.
Composer Training
Very good instructor, understood the product well and engaged on all aspects of the training. Nice guy
Composer Training
A clear course with plenty of opportunities to practice, ask questions and really get to grips with the software. Would recommend to anybody considering the course.
Composer Training
It was a great course
Composer Training
A very professional and knowledgeable course trainer. He was friendly and helpful.
I was lucky to be part of a smaller group so had plenty of one-on-one training, which I felt like I needed at times to help pick up certain features of the software.
Composer Training
Excellent: course, trainer, site, & food. Pace was a bit too quick though, perhaps make it 3 days.
Composer Training
Service Rating : Comfortable presenting style, easy to talk to for help and there was very little he couldn't answer.
Product : I haven't had to use the service but I have scored as a good as all my other experiences have of solid solutions have been positive.
Composer Training
Service Rating : Trainer was very knowledgeable about the Product and the software applications. At times when users were unsure of any functions, he took the time to stop and go back over any points that needed more information or clarity.
Product : Training course was quite in-depth over a 2 day session but covered all features that were required.
Composer Training
Service Rating : Yes very professional and took the time to help individual when they got stuck and answer any question.
Product : The only thing I would say is that I found it too fast paced at times, probably because there was a lot to get through in 2 days
Composer Training
Friendly and supportive as well as knowledgeable on the subject
Composer Training
Service Rating : Excellent
Product : The training itself was clearly run through by Richard but the computers crashed several times and also most of the files used were bug filled and really could do with updating as it was a bit hit and miss on whether we got to do some exercises. The equipment really just needed updated a long with the files used along with this course.
Composer Training
Service Rating : A very knowledgeable and capable instructor who displayed good patience and a flexible instructional approach.
Product : A comprehensive and thorough syllabus. The final lessons were a little compressed and in-depth but none the less valuable.
Composer Training
Service Rating :The support engineer did a good job in helping us through our problems, he could of spent a little more time on HTML but time did run out. Product : The training went well it needed to have a little bit more time spent on the HTML the last lesson of the book but time ran out so maybe add another day and give a little more time to each sibject, took a lot from it and now understand how to do a lot more.
Composer Training
Service Rating :I learnt a lot from the course as I would have expected to, however I felt as if our trainer hadn't taught the course in months, and rushed some of the lessons towards the end of the second day. I have never had an issue with any of my previous courses in association with the SOLIDWORKS Passport. Product : Considering the amount of money you have to pay for SOLIDWORKS Composer, especially in comparison to SOLIDWORKS Premium, where for around the same price of the software, there are 28 days worth of courses rather than 2. Now I'm obviously not saying there needs to be 28 days worth of courses, but an extra day to allow you to take everything in would have been much better, especially as some lessons were rushed and we almost ran over on both days. I did learn a lot but feel had it been more spread out I feel this would have been far more beneficial, there was far too much information to take in over only 2 days.
Feedback Response: Service rating :Hi Phil, thanks for providing the feedback. We are expecting a re-write of the Composer training course as the SSM team have fed back a lot to SW directly on the focus of the course. We are to a certain extent dictated on the syllabus but can of course use the classroom time to demonstrate the further capabilities not covered in the syllabus. It is a case that doesn't run that often, so you would be correct in saying the instructor hadn't taught in a while, as this course usually runs on demands. It sounds it was maybe a timing issue with too much focus on the early lessons resulting in a hurry to catch up to cover all of the content. I appreciate the feedback and will take this on board with the team. Kind Regards Adam Hartles Training Manager Product : Phil, thanks again for this feedback.As mentioned above we are expecting this re-write. It may mean it splits into 2 courses or extends if need be. As for the passport, please be aware this doesn't come free with SOLIDWORKS Premium and would be a separate purchase on top of the software. The price of this typically equates to what we would charge for 10 days worth of training credits so for those that require this amount of more, the passport comes out more economical. In additional (although not suggesting this as a replacement for training) check out our MySolidSolutions page for further information on Composer, we go into a lot of detail on outputs and web content in a video format which I believe were the elements of the course that may have felt rushed. Any further help please let me know. Kind Regards Adam Hartles
Composer Training
Service Rating :Simon Beamish ran the course very well and answered our queries efficiently. However, the last session was rather rushed, and it didn't help that our computers were not set up with the correct template links. Product : The course will prove to be very helpful when I get to use the software in earnest. However, there were a couple of minus points about the course. Our computers were not set up correctly so sometime was spent updating software and changing link locations. Also the 'preview' facility was not working. We also felt that, especially in the afternoon of the second day, the instructor was rushing to get the course complete within the 2 days allocated. The course could be improved by ensuring all machines are set up correctly and perhaps the course should run over 2 1/2 to 3 days.
Composer Training
Service Rating :Solid Solutions are a 1st class company and they deliver excellent support, training and other services.
The only issue I had was it seemed that the trainer had not done this courser for a long time.
Product : Composer is a brilliant product and now I have had training and delving deeper into it I can see it's usefullness and possibilities. Not as flexible in some areas as it could be and it still has bugs which I have raised with support. It also depends heavily on the data from the "models" created by the designers, which I now need to be able to get our design guys to add, without this it is not much better than other similar products and a lot would need to be done manually.
Composer Training
Service Rating :The feeling was that the course book wasn't up to the normal standard. The tutor seemed to be inexperienced and couldn't answer some of the questions posed to him. The last three sections were rushed through as too much time was spent on exercises or other sections.
Product : The feeling was that the course book wasn't up to the normal standard. The tutor seemed to be inexperienced and couldn't answer some of the questions posed to him. The last three sections were rushed through as too much time was spent on exercises or other sections.
Feedback Response: Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. Your account manager has been in touch with me already on this, and I believe he is arranging a time for one of our engineers to visit your premises to run through some examples of the elements of the course- specifically the latter chapters. As soon as we have a date for this we will let you know.
Adam Hartles
Training Manager
Composer Training
Composer Training
Service Rating :
Product :
Composer Training
Service Rating : happy to answer any questions
Product : can use composer with confidence now
Composer Training
Service Rating : very informative
Product : too much info for two days
Composer Training
Service Rating : Great
Product : Great