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Blog Posts: February 2015

How to Manage SOLIDWORKS Files in EPDM
This session will provide an overview of how EPDM captures and manages the relationships in SOLIDWORKS files and how the EPDM ‘Task Pane’ can be used within SOLIDWORKS to collaborate / review and manage the lifecycle of your models and drawings.
 What’s New in Enterprise PDM 2015
EPDM2015 is another feature rich release offering enhancements that deliver "Better Data Manipulation & Visualisation" an "Improved User Experience" and improved "System Performance". I have chosen my top 5 to explore in a little more detail.
End Point References
In SOLIDWORKS 2014 to make a line and an arc tangential, you had to select both sketch entities. Now in 2015 you can simply select the common vertex and the same sketch relations are presented. This is true of any sketch geometry that shares a common...
Up To Reference
“Up to Reference” is a new option in the linear pattern feature that allows you to create intelligent patterns. The “Up to Reference” option allows you to select an edge, vertex or face as a reference to control how many instances will be created at ...
Managing File References for Advanced Users
For more established SOLIDWORKS users, this webcast discusses how to adopt a robust file managing system with Windows explorer and show you how to reuse data already produced for more efficient creation of project variations. We will also briefly dis...
Managing File References for Beginners
Every file produced in SOLIDWORKS is very valuable to your business – mismanaging files can therefore become a real headache. This webcast is for beginners and new adopters of SOLIDWORKS we will discuss the file referencing scheme that SOLIDWORKS use...
SOLIDWORKS World 2015- Great Success for Solid Sol
A group of a dozen of our sales and technical team have just arrived back from Phoenix, AZ from the annual SOLIDWORKS World conference. Over 6,000 avid SOLIDWORKS users and resellers congregated on the Phoenix Convention Centre to attend technical an....
SOLIDWORKS User Group Network - North West
Following a week over in Phoenix, AZ, for SOLIDWORKS World 2015, it is clear that the SOLIDWORKS User Community is very strong and one of the many reasons SOLIDWORKS is the number one CAD choice around the world. Whilst User Groups are hugely popular....
A Definitive Guide to SOLIDWORKS Cut Lists
SOLIDWORKS automatically creates and updates your Weldment Cut List accelerating your design process, saving time and increasing productivity. Watch this Webcast to discover how customized Cut Lists templates can be used for more than just the tradit...
A Definitive Guide to SOLIDWORKS BOM’s
SOLIDWORKS automatically creates and updates your BOM’s (Bill of Materials) accelerating your design process, saving time and increasing productivity. Watch this Webcast to discover the different types of BOM available, how to display and annotate BO...
Reduce Costs With Simulation
Many companies are now experiencing significant and measurable improvements across the development and manufacturing process by integrating SOLIDWORKS Simulation into their workflow. Join us for this webcast and find out how you can reduce your produ...
What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015
SOLIDWORKS 2015 is packed with engineering and design performance boosts to help you get your work done faster and easier. Find out about all the great new features and enhancements specifically in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015