Blog Posts: May 2016

Significant Discounts on SOLIDWORKS
Solid Solutions are offering significant Discounts on many products from the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, but be quick – these special offers end June 30th 2016.
Shape Optimisation with TruForm
How do you optimise a product to most efficiently use material? Where can you save weight and cost? TruForm is a fully integrated add-in to SOLIDWORKS Simulation that carries out ‘Topology Optimisation’ on SOLIDWORKS parts.
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Particle Studies
How do small particles behave when carried along in a fluid flow? This might be a question you would ask when examining for instance moisture droplets around a vehicle, mud particles in a drill pipe, dust particles in electronics or metal swarf parti...
SOLIDWORKS MBD allows you to output interactive 3D PDFs that contain many different view types as well as BOM tables, for assemblies, and borders with editable note fields. We will take a look at how to create these in the MBD Template editor.
SOLIDWORKS Assembly Costing
Costing in SOLIDWORKS Premium 2016 allows you to calculate a cost for an entire assembly. Components, including purchased parts, can be rolled up to give an estimate to the finished assembly cost. We will look at how to accomplish this in SOLIDWORKS ...
Cardboard Aided Design?
SOLIDWORKS Weldments is a powerful function of SOLIDWORKS and can allow you to quickly and easily model weldment structures, Frames and beams that form the backbone of products developed by many industries.
Introduction to Fatigue Analysis
This webcast will introduce the theory of fatigue analysis and the theory behind high cycle fatigue analysis. Understand how physical test results and theories can be used to create fatigue data for analysis, and the effect of mean stress on lifespan...
Automatic Animations With SOLIDWORKS Composer 2016
It’s What’s New time again! With SOLIDWORKS Composer we get two releases per year, find out about the time saving new automatic “Animation Tools” Workshop in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2016 SP3

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