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Blog Posts: October 2017

Gilo Industries Group - SOLIDWORKS Competition
Calling all engineers! Use your design skills to create a case in SOLIDWORKS for the revolutionary new Mako Slingshot jetboard and you could win a jet-powered surfboard of your very own.
My Top Enhancements 2012-2014
Applications Engineer Alex Hall presents 'My Top Enhancements 2012 - 2014'.
My Top Enhancements 2015 - 2017
Applications Engineer Alex Hall presents ' My Top Enhancements from SOLIDWORKS 2015 - 2017'.
Mate Controller Configurations
Application Engineer Ryan McCarthy presents 'Mate controller configurations'.
3D Sketches and In-Context 3D Sweeps
Applications Engineer Ryan McCarthy presents 'In context sweeps'.
Visualize Hints and Tips
Applications Engineer Russell Richardson presents 'Visualize Hints and Tips'.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize content
Applications Engineer Russell Richardson presents 'SOLIDWORKS Visualize Recourse'.
So how accurate is SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation?
Applications Engineer Chris Boyles explores the accuracy of SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
DriveWorks Professional – Capturing and Driving Ad
Applications Engineer Rodion Radchenko presents 'Driving Advanced Feature Parameters using DriveWorks Pro' during this weeks webcast.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Fixtures, Loads and Singul
Applications Engineer Rodion Radchenko, presents 'Fixtures, Loads & Singularities in SOLIDWORKS Simulation' in this weeks webcast.
Set Your Fluids Free
A look at the new Free Surface feature coming in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018.