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Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: Weldments Features - The first lesson of this course helps the user to understand how the weldment feature affects a part model. Structural members are introduced and the user is taught how to manage corner treatments and trimming.

Lesson 2: Working with Weldments - Lesson 2 looks at adding and managing cut list item properties using the cut-list properties dialog, the weldment feature and bounding boxes. The lesson moves on to look at modifying and creating structural member profiles, applying material to individual solid bodies and inserting existing parts into weldment models.

Lesson 3: Configuring and Detailing Weldments - In lesson 3 the user will be taught how to represent post-assembly machining operations and weld beads as well as learning how to create drawing views of weldment models and individual bodies. Finally the user will learn how to insert cut lists and weld tables into their drawing.

Lesson 4: Working with Bent Structural Members - Lesson 4 of this course introduces the user to 3D sketches and creating bent structural members.

Lesson 5: Introduction to Structure System - Lesson 5 introduces the user to the Structure System tool, an advanced Weldments environment. The user is shown how to apply Primary and Secondary Members, as well as configuring the Corner Management tool.

Lesson 6: Working with Structure System - In lesson 6 users will learn how to use a cut list to organise the members of a structure system. Other solid bodies will then be added to the structure system part using end cap, gusset and extrude features.

Lesson 7: Defining and Inserting Connection Elements - The final lesson shows how to create connection element parts. These are then used in a structure system to join members together and assist with load distribution.
Course Details
Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course
  • Getting Started Tutorials- (Help > SOLIDWORKS Tutorials)
Description: Using weldments in SOLIDWORKS is a powerful means of creating fabricated structures within a single part environment.Using a vast library of standard profiles, weldments allow you to create complex structures from simple base sketches.

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