Geomagic Design X


Learn to create 3D models from scan data
Geomagic Design X (Geomagic DX) Training
Our Geomagic DX training is a three-day course covering the different modelling techniques to create models based on scan data in Geomagic DX software. Starting from the very basics of the program, the course develops looking at modelling essentials required for day to day use of the software, right through to advanced topics. These techniques will enable the user to model from scan to create 'Design Intent' CAD or create a model using Various auto surface techniques.
The course is divided into the following topics:
  • User Interface
  • Modelling tools and general features
  • Selection techniques and region editing
  • Scan data editing
  • Alignment and scan registration
  • Modelling from scan data
  • Freeform surfacing and Auto Surfacing
  • Transferring data into SOLIDWORKS

Course Prerequisites

  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system
  • Basic experience with SOLIDWORKS
NOTE: This course is available as part of the Gold & Platinum Training Passport

SOLIDWORKS Training Course Reviews

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CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Well communicated and approachable
Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with Training
Very Knowledgeable
Delivery of the course was very good.
Overall, good experience.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Spoke clearly and was easy to understand. Faced the group whilst talking so I could lip read.
CAD Essentials for CAM Users Training
Done a great job delivering the course.
Electrical 3D Training
Very well presented with great engagement and support throughout. Feel much more confident moving forward with this tool.
Essentials Training
amazing course and Sam kirk was super helpful not only on the course but to people that wanted help outside of the course. this course has helped me outside of the training with things i have used many times already in my job role
Essentials Training
My experience of the Solidworks Essentials course was fantastic. I went in with a very basic understanding of the software after playing around on it for a couple weeks and feel I learned a lot from the course. I would recommend the Essentials course to anyone new to Solidworks or anyone who has not had former training on the software as there is a lot to learn and use.

Phoebe was my trainer and she was fantastic. She was a very supportive and encouraging teacher. She took her time to make sure she was understood clearly by everyone in the class and encouraged questions, this encouragement of questions I believe benefited everyone as we learned more specific information about how we would utilise Solidworks' tools. Phoebe's use of humour made the leasons enjoyable and more memorable.

I look forward to learning more from any further courses I may take.
Assembly Modelling Training
The right information dellivered and the right pace for me
Advanced Part Modelling Training
I had an incredibly rewarding experience during the SolidWorks training. I highly recommend it because the instructor was truly inspiring and engaging. Previously, I used to feel nervous about using the program and would procrastinate on any related work. However, the instructor made me feel at ease, and now I feel confident and enthusiastic about tackling any project. Being surrounded by their team of talented professionals, who are passionate about their work, left me feeling inspired. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have trained with them! So thank you!
Electrical 3D Training
The course was interesting and the support from our instructor was amazing- he did a great job - however there were technical issues for me which meant I was always asking for help and fell behind other people taking the course- this must have been frustrating for them as well as myself. The technical issues meant my computer had to be restarted 2 or 3 times and the last time I was kicked out and wasn't able to re entre the system. Not being able to keep up made me feel panicked which isn't constructive in a learning environment.
Feedback Response: Service rating : Good Morning,
I apologise that you had issues with ourt virtual setup on the day of the course. I will follow up over email with you to discuss further. Lauren – Training Development Manager

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Advanced Part Modelling Training
I took part in Advanced Part Modelling training in Chepstow. Hands down one of (if not THE) best training courses I have ever attended. Tom is a great teacher, very passionate about SolidWorks and its features and highly knowledgeable.
Essentials Training
Excellent workshop, very informative. New features explained and the masterclasses where very good for learning new shortcuts and methods for designing on solidworks.
Weldments Training
Course material was easy to follow and explained really well by trainer which made everything easy to understand. Gave useful tips where relevant.
Essentials Training
Eoghan was an excellent tutor, the training was delivered over the four days at a very reasonable pace and he was very patient whenever the group had any questions. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the SW training.
Essentials Training
The trainer Stephen's lecture was good, moreover his English was easy to understand.
And there is a thick book for trainees, so we can use it when we have trouble to draw.
Essentials Training
Eoghan was a really good trainer. He went through everything at a good pace where the group were all following along but not slow for it to be boring. He was really good at helping any time anyone had a question
PDM Professional Training
Very helpful and informative.
Essentials Training
Great fundamental course, tutor was very good and explains everything in detail so it is easy to understand and follow. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
Essentials Training
it was very informative and the instructor was very helpful.
Essentials Training
Excellent tutor, very clearly explained at the right pace. Appreciate the extra insight given to really apply the training to our job roles.
Andrew did a great job and was very patient!
DriveWorks Pro Essentials Training
He explained the content clearly and concisely. Although there was a lot of content to take in, his teaching method made it easy to understand and learn. Joshua went above and beyond to teach us further tips on DriveWorks.
Simulation Training
It was a really informative, in depth course. And Jon was a fantastic trainer, he was really helpful and explained everything really well.
The course trainers pace of delivery suited my needs and felt comfortable throughout the sessions. Most of the content was relevant, but I did explore new areas of interest.
Essentials Training
Shane Cusack wwas very patient and presented very well. Thoroughly enjoyed the course!
Essentials Training
Very detailed in explaining the lesson content.
Very helpful when asked questions by the group.
Essentials Training
Shane made the training very enjoyable and easy to follow whilst going into great detail.
Essentials Training
Thorough training with plenty of time for questions + exercises.
Essentials Training
Aryan was really knowledgeable and helpful. Absolutely professional. I have never seen Solidworks before, now i can make my 3D models.
Animations Training
The course was well structured and there were plenty of opportunity's to relate content back to real world scenarios
Animations Training
James was very good at teaching the course material and very helpful when we were working out how to apply it to our application.
Animations Training
James was knowledgeable and friendly, and led the course at a speed that kept everyone engaged.
When time permitted he was happy to discuss specific issues we had encountered in the past, and best practise or ideas for future.
Essentials Training
The course was well organised and paced. Jack ensured everyone was able to follow the case studies and was always happy to help with the exercises.
The best way to learn anything is by doing it and the course reflected that. I had used Solidworks previously but I learnt a lot of new skills over the 4 days.
Essentials Training
The trainer was informative, supportive and patient throughout the course. They managed to fit what seemed like a large book into more digestible lessons over the four day course. I felt like I much more capable of creating a part, drawings and assembling parts when needed than I did before the course.
Animations Training
Super knowledgeable team! always ready to help.
Essentials Training
Jack was a great trainer and interacted with us all and took his time to take us through anything we were stuck on.
Essentials Training
Really clear at working through the exercises and helping when people had questions. The course was really interesting and clicked well with me.
Electrical Schematics Training
Very helpful
Essentials Training
The essentials course trainer was really helpful, the pace was good and it was good fun too ... many thanks !
Surface Modelling Training
I've been regularly using SW since 2007 as an Industrial Designer and know my way around the Software. Yet, Tom, our trainer, did a fantastic job at answering all of my questions, refreshing my memory on less frequently used features, and keeping the course engaging through his open and entertaining personality.
Electrical Schematics Training
Clear and concise presentation.
SolidCAM (CNC) Turning Training
Russell Paul is brilliant trainer.
Drawings Training
Tom W in Chepstow was fantastic. Very thorough, patient and absolutely knew his stuff. Would recommend.
Essentials Training
Excellent stuff. Learnt a lot of things on the essential stuffs that can make the whole modelling easy and parametric to any changes further..
Sheet Metal Training
Franklin was great. Very helpful and went above and beyond course content when it came to our individual real world applications.
Essentials Training
Stephen is an excellent instructor, content was delivered at a good pace, any questions we had were answered in a clear and concise manner. I learned loads and am looking forward to returning for advanced training.
Essentials Training
Very knowledgeable, the trainer knows his stuff and was exceptional at getting the information through to us in a manner in which we would retain the information. Any issues we encountered he aided us and overall provided a safe, engaging and educational atmosphere.
Assembly Modelling Training
Reiss was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who tried his best to keep the course information relevant to my personal needs with Solidworks, whilst also showing other options/techniques that can be done within the software.
Essentials Training
Stephen gave a really good breakdown of all basic aspects of Solidworks, and answered any and all questions, regardless if it were to do with Solidworks Essentials or more advanced 3D modelling.

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