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Plastics Standard Simulation

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Enhance your SOLIDWORKS Skills
Why SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation

For plastic part designers, SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard simulates the early stages of the injection moulding process to allow prediction of manufacturing problems early on and in turn reduce part defects and production lead times. Commonly Plastics Standard is also used as a communication tool to help designers share their thoughts with customers or manufacturers.


NOTE: This course is available as part of the Gold & Platinum Training Passports.


SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation - Training Course Reviews

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Review Date
Review Details
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Very knowledgeable on the subject matter and quick to answer questions.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Good introductory course
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Good content and teaching
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Excellent communication style and pace set throughout the day.
Happy to take on questions and expand on difficult areas.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Tim was very knowledgeable, helpful and went through the course at a good pace. He made time to answer everyone's questions and pointed out a few useful tips and tricks as well along the way. Very good.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Tom was excellent. The pacing of the lesson was great. New topics were covered in enough time to digest and not too long as to feel repetitive.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Sameer was fantastic, very knowledgeable and delivered the technical detail in an engaging manor. A great asset to Solid Solutions.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Very impressed by the course format and detailed approach.
The instructor was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.
One of the best courses I have been on
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
the course was great and just what we need, the trainer was clear and very helpful
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Friendly, engaging and very knowlegable
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Knowledgeable and able to answer all questions thoroughly. Peter made the class very enjoyable and was able to keep some of the slower moving lessons moving along at a reasonable pace; which was well appreciated.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Good at explaining things. Entertaining.
Plastics Simulation Training
Service Rating : Peter ran the course exceptionally well and with confidence - you could tell that this is his area of expertise within the software! Initially hampered by slow hardware on the first day, the PC's were replaced by much quicker laptops for the second day. Trainer was not shy of utilising the whiteboard in the room and drawing additional diagrams to support key theory of the software
Product : The course was well structured, with areas from the different levels of the software clearly highlighted. Complicated theory was explained thoroughly, often surpassing the level of information in the training manual.
Plastics Simulation Training
Would recommend this course, trainer is vey knowledgeable on the subject and can answer an questions on the subject.
Plastics Simulation Training
The course was poor because of two significant factors....firstly the computers used were extremely slow in processing the plastic simulation so leaving insufficient time for practice of the software, secondly when awaiting for the pc to complete there was nothing at all happening to occupy the time, at least a second display could be used to show use of other features.
Feedback Response: Hi Mark,

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to leave us feedback for your training course with us. Customer feedback is one of the most valued things we have as we always look to improve our service offering. I can agree with your comments as I lead this particular course myself and was surprised to see how long some of the studies took to run on our fixed machines compared to the laptop I was using. Thankfully, the following day we received an order of 8 new top end machines for use in that room. These are being set up as we speak and am confident that they will be more suitable than the old ones. Plastics is a course we don't run that often so I am sorry that we hadn't noticed that the performance had dropped sooner. To address your second point, I will work to develop some hands-on examples for customers to work though during the time where the study is solving. Although I tried to use that time to present through some of the additional functionality this could be developed further. Can I please encourage you to get in touch if there was anything in relation to the content that you wish to clarify or anything else we can do to leave you fully satisfied with your training experience.

Thanks, Peter Harkness
Training Manager
Plastics Simulation Training
Service Rating : Very impressed with the plastics software and Pete had some great examples.
Product : Very impressed with the plastics software and Pete had some great examples.
Plastics Simulation Training
Service Rating :Richard was excellent as ever. Incredibly informative. Covered the course material with great knowledge and expertise as well as helping with other questions/solidworks problems.
Product : Did the drawings course not the plastics but very good as usual. Although Solidworks could do with updating their course material as much of it is seriously out of date.
Plastics Simulation Training
Service Rating :Richard helped a lot. Should have done the course earlier.
Product : Not plastic course but Drawings. All good
Plastics Simulation Training
Service Rating :very knowledgable about the software
Product : Everything worked very well
Plastics Simulation Training
interesting and a good pace
Plastics Simulation Training
Service Rating : very good pace and knowledge and willing to help out at any time with questions etc
Product : Very well structured course as always from SolidSolutions

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