Blog Posts: September 2014

Solid Solutions in Scotland and Ireland
We are now pleased to offer training to our customer base in Scotland and Ireland. We have two training venues north of the border in Aberdeen and Glasgow. Over in Ireland we have locations in both Belfast and Dublin.The training schedules for these ....
CSWA Exam – Preparation Tips
Exams can be a daunting thought - but with these preparation tips for the SOLIDWORKS Associate exam you will be able to convey your skills with ease. Success is just a preparation tip away!
Lesson 1 - SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Training
The next stop in our new “Lesson 1" series takes you through SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modelling. Lesson 1 includes multibody techniques, such as, patterning, tool bodies and combining techniques. This webcast is ideal for new and great for intermedia...
Goal Convergence Symbols in Flow Simulation
When solving a cfd project, Flow Simulation provides very useful convergence information. The user's understanding of convergence can be enhanced if the convergence symbols and interval are switched on and their meaning understood. This blog explains...
SOLIDWORKS Premium Overview
Explore SOLIDWORKS Premium and the advanced tools it offers users: SOLIDWORKS Routing to connect complex assemblies with pipes, cables, tubes and wires. CircuitWorks to Import Circuit board data from ECAD packages, Scanto3D to repurpose 3D scan data,...
Partner Spotlight – FormatWorks
Learn how FormatWorks can help with issues such as SOLIDWORKS Import Errors, Incorrect file translation and Manual repairing of imported files. FormatWorks is a Gold Partner Product that offers advanced repair and healing tools for a large number of ...
Modelling a Bike – The Frame
Modelling a bike Frame in SOLIDWORKS using Sweeps and Lofts
Replace, Replace, Replace
“Replace” commands in SOLIDWORKS can be excellent time saving and “get out of jail” tools. Join us and learn how to use a selection of tools such as replace: components, references, faces, sketch entities to name but a few.
Top Down Modelling – Best Practice
In top-down assembly design, one or more features of a part are defined by something in an assembly, such as a layout sketch or the geometry of another part. The design intent comes from the top (the assembly) and moves down (into the parts), hence t...
Using Design Studies Can Save You Hours!
This blog describes how to add a transient time step into a Simulation Design Study. This enables users to graph stress results across time steps to see worst case.
SOLIDWORKS and BIM (Building Information Modelling
What is BIM and why do we need it? This webcast will introduce BIM and what it really means. We will then go on to look at how SOLIDWORKS can supply the right kind of data to BIM users, ensuring the right level of detail.
Beyond Training – Electrical Routing
Our “Beyond Training” webcasts focuses this month on Electrical Routing. Discover some great, tips and tricks that complement the training course to ensure you get the most out of the electrical routing add-in.