Blog Posts: November 2014

Xpress Products in SOLIDWORKS 2015
In SOLIDWORKS 2015 you may find that you are asked for a validation code when running one of the Xpress tools for the first time. There are 5 different Xpress tools available to you: Simulation XPress FloXpress DriveWorks Xpress Sustainability Xpress....
Executive Overview of SOLIDWORKS Premium
Join us for this webcast and discover how SOLIDWORKS Premium can help you reduce development costs whilst enabling you to get your products to market before your competitors.
Lesson 1 –SOLIDWORKS Weldments Training
Using Weldments in SOLIDWORKS is a powerful means of creating fabricated structures within a single (multibody) part environment. The seventh edition of our “Lesson 1” series take you through using a vast library of standard profiles to create comple...
Lesson 1 – SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Training
The sheet metal functionality built into SOLIDWORKS is a powerful aspect of the package that allows users to create the fully folded designs and quickly generate the flattened form for manufacture. The sixth edition of our “Lesson 1” series introduce...
Shortcuts and other Time Saving Hints
Here at Solid Solutions we love little quirks that save us time so I will run down some of the few that time after time leave our customers asking ‘how did you do that?’
PhotoView 360 Masterclass
In 20 minutes we go from a blank canvas to a fully rendered image with custom appearances, decals and multiple versions to explore different colour ways. Plus tips for lighting the scene and getting the most from your output images.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Tips & Tricks
From productivity tips for creating professional 2D manuals to workflows for animations and interactive online content, this webcast should have something for everyone whether they are new to SOLIDWORKS Composer or experienced users.
Switchable Graphics for Mobile Workstations
The recent models of mobile workstations (laptops) for CAD applications are shipped with a battery optimizer called "Switchable Graphics" which aims to run your machine on the less power hungry on-board Intel graphics card rather than the dedica....
Simulation Tips & Tricks
Certain challenges crop up in FEA now and again which look simple on the surface but it’s often not obvious to know how to proceed once you begin. Working out the slip torque for a peg in a hole, or pulley on a friction fit shaft for instance will be...
Beyond Training – Simulation
Our beyond training series takes a look at specific examples that are not covered in the standard training. This webcast looks at non-uniform load application in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. We had a customer on our support line recently who wanted to know...
Using the Gas Dynamic Calculator in Flow
Do you need to know how long a tank will take to evacuate or what the Reynolds Number is for a particular flow condition? If so, and you have SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, then why not use the 'Gas Dynamic Calculator' to do the work for you?