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Blog Posts: September 2015

Introduction to SWOOD
SWOOD manages all NC machines including wood-working specific technologies. Create your programs and manufacturing documents directly into SOLIDWORKS with full associativity
Optimise your models for 3D Printing
SOLIDWORKS can output to the major 3D Print file formats, but what can you do to better prepare your models for the printing process? Learn more in this webinar.
Lotto Machine Optimisation with Flow Simulation
Here is a fun example of how SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can help you make good design decisions - and possibly improve your chances of winning at Lotto!
Introduction to Furniture Design
We have created purpose built material for furniture designers- this webinar shows some of the basics you need to complement pre-existing webinars we have already in the MySolidSolutions Archive
SOLIDWORKS Routing and EPDM Best Practice
Learn how to best manage your SOLIDWORKS Routing files in Enterprise PDM.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical and EPDM Best Practice
Learn how to best manage your SOLIDWORKS Electrical project data in Enterprise PDM
Working with Layers
SOLIDWORKS allows the use of layers in a similar fashion to 2D CAD programs. However they may be an occasion where your drawing annotations or dimensions do not conform to the layers you think they are located on.
Photoview 360 Custom Appearances & Decals
PhotoView 360 comes with many default appearances but this webinar shows how to create new ones and work with decals as alternative means of appearance effects
Composer Key Frame Animations
Key frame animations allow you to interact with the Composer timeline and build dynamic animations for powerful video outputs. Learn more in this webinar.
Load Case and Shell Managers
SOLIDWORKS 2015 introduced two great enhancements for Simulation. The Load Case Manager in Simulation Professional to create load inout variations and the shell manager to better handle analyses of thin walled parts. Learn more about these features i...
Multibody Parts 101
Multibody modelling can be really powerful as an alternative to assembly modelling. Learn the basics of what multibodies are and how they can be of use to you in SOLIDWORKS.
Wrap Feature
How to engrave text on a tapered diametric face using SOLIDWORKS.
Geometry Pattern
Building patterns of features is an easy task in SOLIDWORKS. However, having numerous instances of complex geometry may put too much strain on your machine and significantly reduce rebuild times. Geometry Pattern option is a nice trick to reduce the ...
From the big screen to SOLIDWORKS
The SOLIDSOLUTIONS team had recently been tasked with the job of converting the animation files from the big screen to useable 3d data that can be used for 3d printing, creating tooling and various other things. This is where SOLIDWORKS and Scan to 3...
Configurations - Creating a manufacturing process
Configurations are normally used to create similar components with different sizes but can also be used to create a manufacturing lifecycle process. This blog is going to run through the process on how this could be achieved.
Convert Entities
SOLIDWORKS has many tools and functions that make designing and building parts easy. Including; converting entities, Mirroring, and the boss and extrude tools etc. In this blog I’m going to be talking about the convert entities tool.
Come along test your skills! SOLIDWORKS CSWA exam
In the SOLIDSOLUTIONS Leeds office we are offering a chance to get your SOLIDWORKS Associate certification. This exam will help you stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market.
Benefits of having a fully integrated CAM package
There are many CAD and CAM packages out there, however there are many disadvantages of having separate software for CAD and CAM. Some CAM packages require an export from SOLIDWORKS into another format the CAM will understand. So on the more complex 3...
Circular Patterning
In this blog I will be explaining how to use the circular patterning tool. Patterning can significantly save you time by enabling you to copy and replicate features that you have already done.
Big Bang Theory
The award winning, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ American sitcom has been entertaining us for the last 8 years. Featuring a mix of highly-intelligent, socially-awkward and geeky characters, the show follows their lives filled with various oddities and quirks...