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Blog Posts: March 2016

An Introduction to the Mate Controller
In this webcast we will be demonstrating a new feature to SOLIDWORKS 2016 – Mate Controller. Mate controller lets you manipulate specific mates that control degrees of freedom for a design. We will introduce the basics of the Mate Controller: - Save ...
An Introduction to Basic Walkthrough Animation
Want to learn how to create a presentable walkthrough of your model. Join this webcast to find out how to achieve an animated walkthrough of your model. We will cover the basics of motion study walkthroughs: - Constructing a suitable path line- Setti...
SOLIDWORKS World Dallas 2016 Reseller Awards
Solid Solutions are consistently recognised at SOLIDWORKS World as the leading provider of SOLIDWORKS Products in the UK.
Creating T-SQL Reports for SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro
In this webcast Wayne will show us how to create a report in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional using both T-SQL and the PDM report Generator.
Introduction to T-SQL Queries for SOLIDWORKS PDM
In this webcast Wayne our PDM product manager will give an introduction to T-SQL Queries for SOLIDWORKS PDM.
Solid Solutions Welcomes Cadtek
We are very pleased to announce a significant and positive change for Solid Solutions, your SOLIDWORKS reseller. With effect from 23 March 2016 we have secured an £8m investment from BGF (Business Growth Fund) to support the continued growth of our c...
This was a new problem that I had not come across before on SOLIDWORKS. I was unable to select the “Flatten" icon due it being greyed out.
Learn how SOLIDWORKS MBD can help define, organise and publish information rich 3D Product Manufacturing Information in industry standard file formats and remove mis-interpretation of 2D drawings.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 2016 Refresh
With the new enhancements and UI improvements of 2016 take time to review new workflows to become more efficient with day to day designs.
An Introduction to SOLIDWORKS PCB
First look at the partner product PCBWorks. The standalone PCB design tool uses robust proven Altium features to develop a PCB. Once developed, boards, vias, traces etc can then be passed to SOLIDWORKS mechanical teams to contribute towards the desig...
Why Encourage CAD in Schools?
A recent Ofsted report on the teaching of design and technology has claimed that too many subject teachers are failing to keep pace with global technological advances and making too little use of modern technology. It stated that ‘Where the subject w...
Aerodynamics, downforce and drag
A review of how SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can help us calculate the downforce levels and drag forces/drag coefficients in motorsport without the lengthy hand calculations
Heat Distribution in a Brake Disc
A look at how the temperature created by a brake pad when the brake is applied in a car affects the temperature of the brake disc itself.
Pinball Machine using Event Based Motion
Event based motion is part of SOLIDWORKS Motion Add-In. It is a powerful tool that allows to link sensors with actuators and simulate synchronous motion patterns present in various mechatronics devices.