How to Obtain Your Complimentary Serial Number for Visualize Standard 2017

Friday November 11, 2016 at 2:13pm
Visualize Standard 2017 is intergrated with the normal license manager and is available as part of subscription for SOLIDWORKS Standard and Professional users. Now it is part of the SOLIDWORKS install a new serial number is required, this is available for Standalone and Network License users.
Serial Number for Visualize Standard

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard 2017 is  fully integrated with the regular SOLIDWORKS Install and is available as part of subscription for SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium users. As a result of its integration as part of the SOLIDWORKS install a new serial number is required for users which is available for Standalone and Network License users.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Paintball Gun


If you purchased Visualize Standard separately or have purchased Visualize Professional then nothing changes, you use the same serial number as Visualize 2016. However Professional users do also have a new serial number to obtain for Visualize Boost (network rendering)

For those of your using the complimentary license included with your SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium Subscription some extra steps are required.

For Network License users you simply need to install the 2017 License manager and reactivate your SOLIDWORKS License to obtain the additional Visualize Standard Licenses, you should be prompted to do this upon first opening the new version of the License manager. Alternatively it can be done manually from the License Administration tab > Modify  

For standalone licenses the process is below

- Login to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal using the account your SOLIDWORKS serial number is associated to. 

If you do not have an account you will need to register first.

2 - Once logged in click on "My Products"


3 - If you see a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium with a + symbol next to it click this to expand to see your SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard Serial number and skip to step 10. This will be listed as "With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard"

If you do not see such as serial number click "Home" go back to the main Portal login page as you will need to register your product to obtain the serial number

4 - On the main customer portal page select "Register My Products"

5 - Enter your 24 digit SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium Serial number

6 - Click Next

7 - Pick the tick icon to choose a product/ version 


Select the chevron next to SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium 2017


8 - Click Ok then Select Next to finish. 

9 - Click home to go back to the main page of the customer portal.

10 - Select My Products, the "with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard" serial number should appear.


11 - You can now enter this new Serial number when installing SOLIDWORKS 2017

12 - Or if SOLIDWORKS 2017 is already installed you can modify your SOLIDWORKS Installation from the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features. Pick the SOLIDWORKS install then select "Change"


Select the "Modify the individual installation" option

Expand SOLIDWORKS Visualize, check the box and enter your newly obtained serial number

Also new for SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional users is Visualize Boost (network rendering) this can be obtained from My Products using a similar process to above.

If you have any issues please get in contact with Solid Solutions Support and look out for more info on What's New for SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017

By Alan Sweetenham
Elite Applications Engineer

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