Blog Posts: June 2014

Convert Entities - more than just the outside edge
Ever wanted to convert entities on all edges - not just the boundary?
Wave the Flag?!?
Flags?Really?Well, many of our customers build boats, some design toys...Plus Freeform is a command that can be used to modify solids or surfaces
Enterprise PDM Users - Managing Non-CAD Data
With the introduction last year of the Microsoft Office Add-in for EPDM 2013 and 2014, more and more of our Customers are finding that EPDM can be used to manage non-CAD data effectively and less intrusively, than other more traditional Document Mana...
Enterprise PDM Admin - Tasks
EPDM has 3 standard ‘Task’ add-ins, which after being installed into your Vault can be triggered as part of a Workflow or on demand. This Webcast will discuss the set up and options available within the Convert Task, Print Task and Design Checker. We...
SOLIDWORKS 2014 SP4 - Available for Download
On Monday 23rd June 2014 SOLIDWORKS released the fourth service pack in the 2014 cycle. In this post we advise how you can download this latest update for the 2014 release.
Copy Settings Wizard
Video Blog - A brief guide in how to use the Copy Settings Wizard to save out and restore your custom SOLIDWORKS options such as menus, toolbars & saved views.
The Magic of Spline on Surface
Want to create a free form cut out in a 3D surface? The little known 'Spline on Surface' is a great tool for this. Here is how to create an egg with the top chopped off - ready for the soldiers!
Automate Simple Tasks with the SOLIDWORKS Macro
Sick of the tedious task of repeating mouse-clicks for the same repetitive tasks- well you may be able to use a macro instead. Learn to real basics of macro recording to automate your processes.
Discover SOLIDWORKS Professional - Design Checker
Discover some of the lesser known features of the SOLIDWORKS Professional package within Utilities and Design Checker. Utilities give you additional functions to compare geometry, features and BoMs and also check Symmetry in your models.Design Checke...
Looking inside - a SOLIDWORKS Composer tip
Discover a little known tip to help you clearly show internal components of an assembly through the outer level components using SOLIDWORKS Composer...
It's All Gone Dark?!?
One common question on photo-rendering is when you haveclear objects why may you get dark spots? The answer is down to the fact thatin real life light bends as many times as it needs to pass through atransparent object. However in rendering we have t....
“Foreshortening” drawing dimensions other than rad
Ever wondered how to “foreshorten” a dimension in a drawing?
Partner Spotlight - SolidCAM
This webcast will introduce SolidCAM, the gold partner CAM add-on that seamlessly integrates into SOLIDWORKS. We show you how to create simple 2.5D machining operations and demonstrate how design changes propagate through to machine code to help save...
Strategies to rough a 3D part in SolidCAM
This webcast will demonstrate how with SolidCAM you can quickly and efficiently rough out a 3D component such as a mould or die to a semi-finished state prior to treating any local areas and finishing the component.
Flow Simulation Max and Min Table
The Max and Min Table in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation reports the max and min parameter results - as you would expect. However, what is less well known is that the table interactively identifies the location of the max and min values graphically.
Combining Helixes, Surfaces and Sweeps.
In this week’s blog I’m going to show how to use acombination of simple commands to create this seemingly complex component. The part will start with a simple sphere, a groove will be thencut using a path that was created using a helix an....
Replacing Components in Assemblies
Covered on the Assembly Modelling course, the ReplaceComponent tool allows components with different file names to be swapped in andout without causing mate errors or the need to re-make areas of an assembly.Mates are re attached automatically, or if....
Communicating Designs Quickly and Effectively
eDrawingsThere are a number of tools within SOLIDWORKS to speed up theprocess of communicating designs quickly and effectively to your customers. Oneof the most popular ways is through a free program called eDrawings. One of the major benefits w....
eDrawings for New Users
This webcast is designed to give a succinct overview of the features and capabilities of eDrawings – the free SOLIDWORKS, STL, DXF and DWG viewer. An ideal webcast for new and experienced users alike.
Beyond Training – Surfacing
Despite the name, “SOLID”Works has excellent surfacing capabilities which are covered in the 2 day surfacing training course.This webcast looks beyond the standard surfacing training to give you additional tips and tricks to help ensure y....