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Blog Posts: January 2019

SOLIDWORKS Magnetic Mates
Magnetic makes are used within SOLIDWORKS assemblies to easily configure and position assembly components. Through defining connection points and ground plane(s) – position components through drag and dropping one component within close proximity of ...
SOLIDWORKS PCB Tips - Controlling Route Length
Within SOLIDWORKS PCB, you can define route length rules on nets. This is achieved through the Accordion function. Read more to find out how.
SOLIDWORKS PCB Tips - Polygon Pour Shaping
Learn how to easily define the shape of copper pour polygons.
SOLIDWORKS Safe Mode: Bypass Settings
If you’re having problems with SOLIDWORKS not performing correctly you can runin a default state mode, this opens SOLIDWORKS with all options set to default.
SOLIDWORKS Safe Mode: Software OpenGL
If you’re having problems with SOLIDWORKS not performing correctly especially in terms ofgraphics, you can run in a safe mode. This safe mode removes the graphics card from running inSOLIDWORKS and hence highlights whether or not it is causing a prob...
How to Obtain SOLIDWORKS Xpress Product Codes
Starting in SOLIDWORKS 2015 Xpress Products now require a code which youcan obtain through the Website.
Creating a Pack and Go
Using the 'Pack and Go' command allows you to collect all related documents into one file. This is useful for quickly saving and sending entire projects.
How to Fix Mod-Diam Display Error
Sometimes after performing an upgrade of SOLIDWORKS from one year to another, diameter symbols no longer display and give a message instead. This post explains how to fix this.
How to Repair SOLIDWORKS
Every so often it may be necessary to perform a repair of SOLIDWORKS in order to resolve a problem. This post explains how.
How to Create a SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Account
The SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal is a source of information for all things SOLIDWORKS, from download links for different versions of SOLIDWORKS, the Knowledge base advanced questions and answers and a portal for raising Enhancement Requests to list a f...
Capture Problems with a SOLIDWORKS RX with Video
When SOLIDWORKS is crashing or closing for an unexpected reason,you can use SOLIDWORKS RX to gather the information and data on the crash. For any repeatable crash a video helps to show the exact process being followed, once recorded please send to s...
How to Change a SOLIDWORKS Serial Number
Whenever you want to change the serial number which a computer is associated to you will need to change the number used within the Installation.
How to Remove Padlocks from your Customer Portal
The SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal is locked to non-subscription supportedcustomers, sometimes if the serial number is not registered properly theseappear if you do have a maintained subscription.
How to Create an RX without Video
When SOLIDWORKS crashes or closes for an unexpected reason, it is time for the SOLIDWORKS RX to be used to gather the information and data on the crash. Please follow these steps before restarting SOLIDWORKS – otherwise the crash data will be lost.
How to Deactivate (Transfer) a SOLIDWORKS License
A SOLIDWORKS standalone license can only be activated on one machine at a time. If you plan on moving your SOLIDWORKS license to another machine you will first need to deactivate it. Additionally if a standalone license has ended up on multiple machi...