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How Can I Stand Out in the CAD Job Market?
Get SOLIDWORKS Certified
The CSWP is the most recognised and sought after SOLIDWORKS qualification as passing it demonstrates your ability to use SOLIDWORKS at a professional level. The CSWP consists of three segments that can be taken at separate times, you must pass all three to pass the CSWP.
Key Exam Details
  • Recommended Training: Advanced Part, Assembly Modelling and Drawings
  • Segment 1: 70 minutes 71% to Pass
  • Segment 2: 50 minutes 75% to Pass
  • Segment 3: 80 minutes 71% to Pass
  • Re-Test Waiting Time: 14 Days Minimum
Why should I get certified?
The SOLIDWORKS certifications are a common benchmark used in the industry to assess SOLIDWORKS skills, and as such they are a great addition to your CV. The exams test competence and passing an exam provides proof that you have a depth of SOLIDWORKS knowledge. CSWP exam passes will also be listed in an online directory* which you can use to easily demonstrate your achievement.

*To appear in the online directory you must login to your Virtual Tester account by visiting the 3DExperience Certification Center. Once logged into your account navigate to your settings page and select the "Yes" option for "List in Online Directory".
How do I take the exam?
The test runs online through a testing application called Tangix TesterPro, before taking any exams you will need to download this from the 3DExperience Certification Center. You will also need to create a Virtual Tester account on the Certification Center. Your exams passes will be registered against this account so we suggest that you use a personal email address, this way you will avoid potentially losing access to the account if you move to a new company.

Each exam attempt will require a code, these codes can be claimed as part of your SOLIDWORKS subscription or purchased from the SOLIDWORKS CSWP page.

What do I need to take the exam?
You will also need a stable internet connection and access to SOLIDWORKS 2015 or newer. Microsoft Excel may also be required as it is integrated with certain SOLIDWORKS functionality.

We recommend that you use a dual monitor setup when taking exams as this will allow you to view the exam questions and SOLIDWORKS at the same time.
How can I prepare myself to take the exam?
There are many resources available to help you prepare for exams, we have compiled these below. As a minimum you should have completed the SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course and had sufficient practice using SOLIDWORKS before attempting the CSWP exam.
Further Questions
If you have further questions about the certifications then please check out the SOLIDWORKS Certification FAQs or contact our training team at

CSWP Learning Resources


To pass the CSWP you'll need to be able to accurately create parts, assemblies and configurations and have knowledge of drawings in SOLIDWORKS. Although these areas are all introduced within the SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course, the CSWP is a challenging exam so we would advise further training to maximise your chance of passing. The Drawings, Advanced Part and Assembly Modelling courses cover all the required topics for the CSWP and beyond.

Online Training Recaps

Training recap material is available for the Silver Training Passport courses which cover the core tools found in SOLIDWORKS Standard through to Premium. You can revisit the subjects from each course using a combination of narrated videos, information slides, interactive walkthroughs and quiz questions. The training reviews are available from the My Account -> My Training Courses section of our website, you must have attended a course to view the training recap material for that course.

CSWP Sample Paper

Get a feel for the style of questions you’ll be asked by practicing with this sample paper. The sample paper includes part and assembly modelling questions along with a selection of multiple choice knowledge questions. The sample questions are also available from within the testing client which you can use to simulate the real test conditions if you'd prefer.

Model Mania Questions

SOLIDWORKS Model Mania is a speed modelling competition that runs every year that tests how fast users can create an accurate model based on some 2D drawings. Following that there is always a second phase that requires edits to be made to the part. In this way the model mania is very similar to some of the certification exam questions. SOLIDWORKS have recently compiled the last 21 years of Model Mania questions, these should provide great practice as the modelling required is similar to the CSWA & CSWP exams.

CSWP Key Topics

Segment 1
  • Creating a part from a drawing
  • Using linked dimensions and equations to aid in modelling
  • Using equations to relate dimensions
  • Updating parameters and dimension sizes
  • Mass property analysis
  • Modifying geometry on initial part to create a more complex part
  • Modifying parameters on the part at different stages while maintaining all other dimensions and design intent
Segment 2
  • Creating configurations from other configurations
  • Changing configurations
  • Creation of configurations using a Design Table
  • Changing and/or rearranging features of an existing SOLIDWORKS part
Segment 3
  • Creating an assembly
  • Adding parts to an assembly
  • Doing collision detection when moving a part in an assembly
  • Interference detection
  • Basic and advanced mates
  • Rigid and Flexible subassemblies
  • Replacing a part with another part in an assembly
  • Creating a coordinate system
  • Using a coordinate system to perform mass properties analysis

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