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SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modelling


Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: Multibody Design Techniques - The first lesson of this course introduces the user to various design techniques that are useful for creating multi-body parts. The lesson explores new commands such as combine, intersect, indent, insert part and delete body.

Lesson 2: Saving Solid Bodies - Lesson 2 teaches the user various techniques to split up parts into multiple separate bodies as well as how to create assemblies from multi-body parts.

Lesson 3: Sketching with Splines - Lesson 3 encourages the user to practise sketching with splines with the aid of the sketch picture command. It also teaches the user how to manipulate spline curvature and evaluate the curvature of solid geometry.

Lesson 4: Introduction to Sweeping - In lesson 4, the user is taught how to apply the sweep command to create boss and cut features.

Lesson 5: 3D Sketching and Curve Features - Lesson 5 introduces 3D sketches, the user will learn how to construct helixes, and composite curves from multiple entities.

Lesson 6: Threads and Library Feature Parts - In lesson 6 the user will be taught how to create and use their own library feature parts, they will learn how to model threads, and understand how to improve performance with complex parts.

Lesson 7: Advanced Sweeping - Lesson 7 brings the focus back to sweeping and understanding sweep options. The user will learn to understand and apply the path twist options and the role of guide curves in controlling the twist.

Lesson 8: Introduction to Loft and Boundary Features - Lesson 8 introduces the loft and boundary features. The user will learn how to use constraints for loft and boundary profile and how to reuse sketch geometry by copying and creating derived sketches.

Lesson 9: Advanced Loft and Boundary Features - Lesson 9 introduces secondary curves in loft and boundary features. It also shows the user how to divide sketch curves using the split entity as well as how to use the delete face command to remove unwanted feature artefacts. Finally the user will be taught how to use the deviation analysis tool to compare faces along edges.

Lesson 10: Advanced Filleting and Other Features - The final lesson of this course focusses on the use of some more complex features such as wrap and the move face command. The user will also be taught some advanced options available with fillets.
Course Details
Length: 3 Days

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course

Description: Learn about the multi-body environment within SOLIDWORKS, using Boolean operations and the master model technique. Delve deeper into the Sweep and Loft feature, looking in depth at the advanced options that are used to create organic and contoured shapes.

The course finishes off by looking at some of the lesser known SOLIDWORKS features, including advanced filleting options, interactive model manipulation and free-form design. A must for consumer and product designers, as well as general SOLIDWORKS users looking to gain a more rounded view of what the product is capable of from a complex shape point of view.

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