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SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

DriveWorks Pro Advanced Training Agenda

Length: 1 Day


Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and preferably Attended our Essentials & Drawings course.

DriveWorks Pro Essentials course.

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows

Description: Advanced Form controls with Macro Buttons and Rollup Data Tables. Further Specification control with Task Generation.

Lesson 1 - Advanced Form Controls

Enhance your form using Static and Dynamic properties. Use advanced Form Controls

Lesson 2 - Specification Control

Change Specification Settings to control the name and location of your Specifications. Set Specification Properties to control the columns your see in the Specification Explorer. Change the Specification Flow to control who creates what and when.

Lesson 3 - Linking to Data

Use external data in a Table. Query data directly in a rule of Form Control. Export data back to a database/Group Table based on rules.

Lesson 4 - Rollup Data Tables

Create a Rollup Table. Rollup data from Child Specifications into the parent. Use this data to create a quotation of the items specified.

Lesson 5 - Hierarchical Properties

Use Hierarchical Properties to position your controls. Understand the concept of Hierarchical Properties for use around your Project.

Lesson 6 - Macro Buttons

Create and use Macro Buttons. Create a Specification Macro using drag and drop tasks.

Lesson 7 - Generation Tasks

Use Generation Tasks to insert models into a blank assembly. Use Calculation Tables and export new data to them. Loop a Macro to repeat multiple times.