SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

SOLIDWORKS Drawings Training Agenda

Length: 2 days


This course, focused entirely on the 2D drawings aspect of the package, goes in depth into setting up drawing sheets, creating drawing views, applying dimension schemes and generating bills of materials.

For CAD managers we work through an example of creating, customising and reusing drawing border information to enable your drawing sheets to contain dynamic place holders to model information. Also learn how to reuse drawing data, manage references correctly and check your work against a baseline standard.


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Lesson 1: Drawing Sheets and Views

The first lesson of this course focusses on the creation of drawing sheets with sheet format which can be populated with various views. The user is shown how to add annotations to their drawings and how to adjust display options.

Lesson 2: Dimensions

Lesson 2 teaches the user how to insert and manipulate driving dimension and also create driven dimensions.

Lesson 3: Annotations

In lesson 3 of the course, the user will become familiar with adding and aligning annotations and symbols to their drawing. The user will also be introduced to blocks, creating them from geometry and notes and inserting them into drawings.

Lesson 4: Assembly Drawing Views

In lesson 4 the user will learn how to add different types of assembly views; including exploded views, into a drawing, and also how to hide and show specific components.

Lesson 5: Sheet Formats and Templates

Lesson 5 brings the focus back to sheet formats and templates, teaching the user how to set up their own custom properties, save personalised sheet formats and drawing templates and assign them to drawing files. Finally the user will learn how to import a DWG/DXF files into SOLIDWORKS.

Lesson 6: Bill of Materials and Tables

Lesson 6 teaches the user how to create and modify their own BOM template, and how to insert tables. This lesson also introduces design tables within drawings.

Lesson 7: Performance and Display Issues

Lesson 7 discusses performance and display issues, demonstrating certain functionalities of the software that can help such as large assembly mode and lightweight mode. The user is taught to find and resolve display issues and create detached drawings.

Lesson 8: Drawing References and Comparison

In the final lesson the user will learn how to copy and reuse drawing files, change references of a drawing and the views within it and also check parts, drawings and assemblies with the Design Checker.

Appendix A: Preparations for Detailing

Preparations for Detailing