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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Training Course



SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is used to analyse the flow and thermal affects within your designs.

Determine the flow of liquids and gases internal and external of your assemblies to ensure maximum efficiency and understand whether thermal implications may cause a problem.

Learn about the range of powerful animation outputs from the software that help visualise how design changes may improve your design.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Flow Training

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - Training Course Reviews

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Flow Simulation Training
Our training instructor Fin is very good with teaching the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation training course. I am pleased with his skills and knowledge in this special technical area. I felt interested and kept concentration through the two day course. Now I am quite confident in using this premium simulation package.
Flow Simulation Training
Great. Complete achievement of outcomes. Loads of extra tips.
Flow Simulation Training
Two day course was really helpful, good course notes, really helpful trainer with good knowledge of the topics.
Flow Simulation Training
Very informative trainer and went out of her way to ensure we could relate what we had learnt back to what we will be using the software for. I now have a much better understanding of what Flow Simulation can do and how we can use it.
Flow Simulation Training
Excellent product knowledge, well paced and course material tailored to our specific requirements.
Flow Simulation Training
Excellent course delivery well explained
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : extremely helpful, allowed me to tailor the course to my needs.
Product : the course was tailored to my needs, so was extremely useful. everyone was very friendly and helpful. overall the course was brilliantly ran.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : The overall quality of the training I received from Solid solutions was high and Peter was a very good trainer. The content was very appropriate for what I desired and was structured in a way that was logical and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend solid solutions to others and will be back there myself in the near future for further training.
Product : The course was organised in a professional manner and the trainer demonstrated a vast level of knowledge on material in the course. The course covered a lot of what I expected and surprised me in the amount of content that could be learned on the topic of Flow simulation. If I was to provide to feedback to help improve the course further I would say that it would be nice if more information and demonstrations would be given on models which dont work. Every model on the course was pre-planned and worked perfectly whereas it would be nice to see examples that didn't work and then get to see how to cover b
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : My first training course with Solid Solutions and I was very impressed by the experience. I was instructed by Andy Fulcher who was enthusiastic about what he was teaching, made the course straight forward to follow, highlighted some key features that would help enhance the software usage and talked through some interesting examples with regard to the course content and previous practically applied solutions.
Product : The content of the course was great. The simulation of air flow and heat transfer will be particularly helpful for completing my current project. The software package is so easy to use and get your head around. and providing you don't try the break the laws of physics, it should work every time.

The mesh refinement was also extremely helpful, getting to know the proper procedure for creating fine meshes around areas of interest for high accuracy and course mesh to help with computational processing will help me speed up my simulations and ga
Flow Simulation Training
In depth knowledge of software and subject.
Flow Simulation Training
Answered all questions, cannot fault.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating :Peter showed great knowledge of the coarse topic, and was very informative to question raised by our team members.
Product : The SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Training course and manual were easy to follow.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating :Well presented course
Product : Good content & easy to follow
Flow Simulation Training
Excellent Training
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : Good delivery of core material. Communication prior to arrival on the day could have been better, eg. lunch/refreshments will be provided, course will probably be finished around this time etc.
Product : Could have been adapted more to specific requirements, especially considering there were only two of us on the course.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : Good communication of methods and helpful throughout
Product : In depth examples covering a large range of potential flow problems
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : knowledgeable on the subject.
Product : Usfull to what I am trying to achive/
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : The course trainer was excellent and overall the experience was very good.
Product : The course was good but the mix of ability levels in the course i.e. from experienced flow simulation user to zero knowledge (myself!) meant that some of the topics felt a bit rushed. The worst problem was trying to navigate around and find the features quickly enough to keep up with the examples. When others were able to find them instantly.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : Good experienced trainer
Product : the manual book was not as well written as other SW books
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : Knowledgeable and welcoming
Product : Devoting 1/2 day to working through one of our own cases rather than the guided tutorials would have been useful