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Here's how to get started with SOLIDWORKS
Whether you prefer to do things by yourself, like a more interactive approach or would prefer us to setup everything for you, we have options for everyone.

On these pages you can find everything you need to know about key topics such as downloading and installing SOLIDWORKS, accessing our help and support, booking your training courses, signing up for our exclusive webcasts and more.

If you're looking to get set up as efficiently as possible we also offer a paid Quick Start service where an engineer will install and optimize SOLIDWORKS for you.
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Getting Started Detailed PDF Guide
Starter Session Optimisation Webcasts
12 Jan 2pm - 3pm: Optimisation Part 1: PC Housekeeping and Setup
We will look at taking you through the initial setup of your system, making sure your hardware is setup correctly to get the most out of your machine and a first glimpse at using our support line. To register for this event:
8 Dec 2pm - 3pm: Optimisation Part 2: File System and Workflow
A common element that people neglect is taking the time to construct a file system and workflow. In this session we aim to help guide you in generating your file management, this will save time and help to create a common working practice. To register for this event:
15 Dec 2pm - 3pm: Optimisation Part 3: Templates and Sharing Your Files
The purpose of this session is to assist in the generation of the final phase, once a model has been generated, engineering drawings and other files need to be produced. We will be discussing creating custom drawing templates and exporting in specific file formats and more. To register for this event:
10 Dec 9:30am - 12:00pm: Virtual Training Trial Sessions
Our Virtual Classroom Training provides a hands-on, interactive group training session from a professional, qualified instructor and you won't even need SOLIDWORKS installed, just a reliable internet connection.

Sign up to this free half day event and try out virtual training for yourself.
Quick Start & CAD Management
Quick Stat Services
Looking for hands on help to get started? Our popular Quick Start service involves one of our engineers installing your SOLIDWORKS, reviewing key settings and installation features with you, helping to establish your templates and more.

The Quick Start is one of our CAD Management services, these are designed to make sure your CAD team, systems and workflows are all running optimally.
Technical Support
Get help from our Support Team
New to SOLIDWORKS or not used the tool in a while? Our friendly support team will be eager to assist you. There is no such thing as a silly question, so even if you just want a bit of reassurance please get in touch.

Support is not only there for you have an error, utilise our knowledge and experience to develop yours. Our support team aims to answer your calls within 20 seconds, so you can get help fast!
Expert Training
World class SOLIDWOKRS training
We offer a wide selection of training courses delivered by friendly, highly qualified instructors. For most users we recommend beginning with the 4 day SOLIDWORKS Essentials course.

Why not sign up to a free Virtual training trial session? During the half day course you'll follow along live with an instructor to create a simple design, this will help you can pick up the basics and get familiar with the training format.
3D Printers & CAD Workstations
Solid Solutions & Solid Print3D can also provide all the hardware you need for CAD including desktops, laptops, 3D Printers, scanners, CAD mice and more.

Want to discuss your requirements? Your account manager and our hardware team will be happy to help with any questions. Or if you need advice on 3D printers why not head over to Solid Print3D to find out more.
Further Resources
We have so much more to share beyond what you find on this page, our technical team is the most qualified in the world and we're constantly producing new videos, blogs, online guide and webcasts to share our SOLIDWORKS knowledge.

If you're looking to learn more about a particular topic try using our website search to find all related videos, blogs and web pages.

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